Friday, 19 June 2015

That was the week that was ...

What have we learned?
  • J K Rowling is small minded, ignorant and anal to a high degree when it comes to her claims about the SNP hating the English, the SNP are baad!
  • Cameron is sleep walking into a series of political and economic accidents just waiting to happen which will destroy what is left of the UK's economy outside London and end the Union he claims to 'love'
  • Osborne is seeking to wreck Scotland's economy while promoting 'fracking' and poisoning water supplies at the expense of re-useable energy while taxing the North Sea Oil & Gas sector to death
  • Labour still do not know which way is 'up' in the aftermath of May's electoral disaster and are about as much use as an opposition party as is using a chocolate teaspoon to stir your tea.
  • Labour's leadership candidates are running with Jim Murphy's failed Scottish campaign strategy of Labour in London knows what is best for Scotland
  • The BBC still thinks the Libdems are the third biggest party at Westminster
  • Both Labour and the Tories are still trying very hard to pretend there are not 56 SNP MPs in Westminster speaking for Scotland
  • According to the London media the SNP are really, really baad people, proto-Nazis out to declare England as Scotland's lebenstraum where the poor English peasantry are about to be over run by kilted sturmentroopers who will bayonet peoples' cats and dogs and pee in their letter boxes (Honest, when ever has anyone caught the Telegraph lying about what politicians actually said or actually happened and that nice Dr Starkey in the Daily Heil says it is all true, so it must be)
  • Scotland has a financial black hole which is just over 4% the volume of the rUK's fiscal black hole but is far, far more dangerous than Osborne's austerity created deficit and massive UK Government borrowing according to Mr Osborne
  • The Tory Government thinks poor people should be made even poorer and disabled folk can be healed in the same way as latter day Lazarus' by that Welfare Messiah, Dungcan-Smith, telling them to pick up their beds and walk or lose what ever disabled benefit they may have left which they will anyway because if they can walk they can not be disabled, as for the mentally ill - just leave them to wallow as they will reduce their own numbers via murder or suicide
  • According to Mr Cameron the Tories are a one nation caring party though which nation and who they care about is unclear
  • SNP baad (you can not mention this enough, apparently)
  • The SNP are such baad people that their vote share in Scotland is up to 60% for the constituency vote, according to an opinion poll on Holyrood voting intentions for May 2016, and over 110,000 folk are now members of this horrid Jockanese, Nazi like party
  • The Daily Heil says Mr Salmond eats babies and Ms Sturgeon is the supplier because she hates babies which is why she has not got any, is not a real woman and suffers from a 'hysterical womb' which makes her a dangerous woman and her husband should take her firmly in hand (Daily Heil for giving her a good spanking and some rough sex)
  • Nuclear contamination from Trident missiles going on fire is good for you, as long as you are Scottish and not from Plymouth where nuclear contamination is far too dangerous for the folk of Devon to put up with.


  1. I don't think you've put in enough SNP bad, bullets. Though, the night is still young.
    We can look forward, for more of the same bile, from the usual suspects, next week; oh joy.

  2. Brilliant. Can't tell you how much a laughed... and then sighed.

    But I agree with Jim. I think you underplayed the fact that the SNP are BAD.

  3. phew, tried commenting a few times all failed, hence bland comment, thanks though!

  4. Surprise! Surprise! A new book from JK Rowling (another probably not to my taste) and the same old claims regurgitated and promoted across the MSM. Her twitter debate with Iain McWhirter seemed reasonable but one must ask why she cannot back up her claims with evidence. I'm married to an English woman (and my first wife was also English and a supporter of an independent Scotland long before it became acceptable to hold such views) and neither experienced any anti-English sentiments other than from the small minority of headcases who exist in every nation/group/society.