Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Rebellious Scots to Crush ....

The Londonshire Media Establishment is all a fluster, the Jacobites are once more at Derby and about to throw the latest generation of Hanoverians out onto the streets, left short of the odd £2 million, poor lambykins that they are.

Apparently this is all the fault of those nasty Nats who are being beastly to her Madgeship about the money she gets from parts of Scotland's Crown Estates. Of course we can not expect those peons of the media in London to do any fact checking when getting themselves all het up in the full flush of a hate the SNP story and the headline they really wanted to run in the Daily Mule:

"Nasty Nats throw 82 year old OAP out of state subsidised home"

Well, for a start, the £2 million they claim Madge will not be getting because the SNP are being so beastly, already comes off our pocket money before we ever see it, along with our contributions to the FO, MoD and funding the UK national debt, according to the UK Treasury.

The problem is not of the SNP's making either. It is all a result of the rather piecemeal way Cameron's Tories are pick and mixing from the original Smith Commission recommendations. Under the current plans all income from Madge's crown holdings in Scotland will go into the Scottish piggy bank with a deduction of this sum from the total pocket money we would have got. In other words it is a zero sum calculation and not extra money in Scotland's back pocket. 

Further you then have a situation where the Crown Estates (England and Wales) can, in the future, invest in and make a profit from Scotland but this money does not stay in Scotland as we are only entitled to the money from Crown Estates (Scotland). In other words, as presently construed by Westminster this whole affair is a bit of a dog's breakfast as the nitty-gritty of unpicking the Crown Estates Act (UK) 1961 reveals itself and dichotomy piles in on top of dichotomy.

Is it any wonder then that Tory Central has sent forth this load of old cobblers to be spun by the Londonshire media into those perfidious Scots being on the verge of rebelling against the Crown, as the one of the few bits they have agreed from the Smith Commission's recommendations to put in place, unravels around their feet.

I suggest that Cameron's wonks are just starting to assimilate the real problems facing the Tory Government with respect to Scotland of which the primary one is the lack of Labour MPs from Scotland doing their Janus act of saying one thing while doing the opposite and hoping the 'Jocks' will not notice. They no longer have the cop-out of pointing out to the 'Jocks' their own MPs voted for the cuts, Trident or the Iraq War because 56 out of 59 MPs from Scotland are not playing the Westminster game which leaves the Unionist's three 'Jockanese' stooges looking like - stooges.

The British Establishment now knows it can no longer pretend the Scot's wishes can be ignored and the Union retained. The Scottish  polls since Cameron's outburst in September 2014 in the aftermath of scraping a No vote in the referendum are only going one direction, increasing support for the SNP across the board, an increasing rate of decline for the Unionist Parties in Scotland and Labour's Scottish Branch's last bastion in Scotland's Councils on an increasingly shoogly peg. Now as Dungcan-Smith's plans to destroy the UK's welfare system accelerate combined with the defacto privatisation of NHS England there is, in Scotland, a growing pressure on the SNP to include a new referendum on independence in their 2016 Holyrood manifesto, a referendum which the Tory's 'bitch' in Scotland says the Unionists will not win.

It is in this increasingly febrile state of the British Establishment the editorial in today's Times and front pages of the Torygraph, Daily Mail and Daily Record should be read. The claim we Scots are getting rebellious is the only way the British Establishment can deal with the reality they have lost the conflict of ideas in Scotland.

They are also having to deal with an increasingly angry public in England. 250,000 protesters against the Tory's headline policy - austerity - last Saturday, are not going away and as today's protests within the Palace of Westminster by disabled people reveal, the English anti-austerity protests are only going to get closer and closer to the seat of power.

The Scots are, for now, just useful scapegoats for the British Establishment's failings, the headlines may be about Scotland but their main purpose is to deflect attention from the dire straights the British Establishment now finds itself in, as its English peasants are revolting. They are simply reverting to the only methodology they know - divide and rule; the problem being the Scots are quite happy to divide and so are playing into our hands.

Why interfere or get upset when your opposition is doing your own job for you?

Rebellious Scots - you bet: our only crush, for many, is our first minister.

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