Monday, 26 October 2015

If this is Tory competence in government .....

My local neighbourhood Tory wannabe MSP dropped a nice 8 page leaflet in my letter box today telling me, subliminally, just why I was stupid to vote for the SNP and wasn't it time I saw sense and voted for his nice Tory Party who are the only party who can save Scotland from itself.

Given the councilor in question would struggle to find his own arse with both hands and a GPS, has proven to be next to utterly useless as a councilor and came a distant second, having lost vote share compared to 2010, in his attempt to win Galloway and stop the separatist SNP MP; you could ask whether as the local electorate did not believe this guff from him last year when the SNP took 41% of the vote share, why would they be taken in by the same guff a year later?

In his paean to Conservative economic competence he missed out the bit about his party's economic policies taking the UK's overdraft from some £30 billion, under the incompetent Gordon Brown, to some £1.7 trillion and rising under Osbourne. Nor in his valediction to the Conservative's management of the UK economy did he mention the sell off, on the cheap, of the Royal Mail and the taxpayers holdings in RBS. He seemed to miss out the bit where Cameron and Osbourne have, in effect, sold the UK's infra-structure to the Chinese in return for the City of London becoming China's prime money launders in Europe. Then there is the vastly over priced and illegally subsidised nuclear plant in Somerset that has somehow become the 'deal of the century' courtesy of the Chinese Yuan while the real energy and industrial development advantage in the UK is thrown away on the altar of fracking and UCG; because there is more money in UCG and fracking for the City of London than alternative sources like wind, tidal and hydro. The list of Conservative economic failures could fill a book - UK wages lower than they were ten years ago in real terms courtesy of austerity before even getting into the meat and two veg of the Conservatives Welfare policies and their impact on the UK economy. Seriously, Mr Carson, just how stupid do you think your local electorate are? 

Then there is the Tory Party's competence on defence issues. Last time around they sold off the only aircraft which could be used until (and if) the VSTOL version of the F35 comes to the UK. A squadron of Fr8 Harriers, plus spare aircraft, plus spares, recently refurbished at the UK taxpayers expense to extend their operational life to 2025 were sold to the US Marine Corps for their scrap value in 2010 (remember what I said about Conservative economic competence). In a stroke of the Conservative Minister of Defence's pen the new carriers were rendered expensive white elephants and with Canada pulling out of the F35 program the question arises if the new carriers will ever see a UK aircraft land on their decks.

Leaving aside the well publicised fact the US Pentagon does not want the UK to have next generation Trident and in any case the proposed 'new' system will exit USN by 2080 when the last Ohio class boat is decommissioned as the USN and USAF are stopping any further development work on Trident after 2025 to concentrate on a joint, next generation program. The RN have had to stop building ships so they can afford this monstrosity, the RAF can not fulfill their NATO requirement to provided long range maritime reconnaissance (thus pissing the Norwegian's off) and we have an UK army which is not actually an army because Tory cut backs have reduced it to the equivalent of a NATO division. Yes, Mr Carson, that definitely leaves me thinking defence is safe in Tory hands and Trident is a really good buy, right up there with the Chinese Nuclear Plant deal.

On the NHS in Scotland and public services he has the gall to criticise what is going on and the SNP's use of Scottish funding to prioritise making up the gap between what his party thinks is enough for the old, sick and disabled to live on and what is actually required. Of course he is against land reform because his Tory land owning backers have told him he is, not for any other sensible reason. He is very quiet on the issue of EVEL and silent on the issue of refugees as the problems of the bedroom tax have seen his council housing folk who have been kicked out of their homes in Lancashire, at the expense of Galloway locals who themselves are looking for affordable housing to rent.

There are a lot of questions I would like to ask Mr Carson such as:
  1. Do you actually believe any of the claims made in your 'newsletter'?
  2. What do you think of your leader doing a bunk from Glasgow to Edinburgh to try and ensure she is re-elected on the 'list' - not even constituency?
  3. Why have so many Tory MSPs decided to 'spend more time with their families'?
  4. Do you think you will retain the personal vote that just kept the present Tory incumbent in place last time around, after a recount?
  5. Just what does your party have to offer the Scottish electorate other than 'Dae as yer telt by Lunnon' you stupid Jocks?'
  6. Is your campaign just going to be 'Vote for me because I am not Labour', like it was last time around?
  7. Outside of your Tory pals, do you think anyone else in Galloway is listening to you?
  8. Do you actually care a bean about the constituency, based on your activities as a councillor, much past getting your nose in the bigger Holyrood trough?
 Of course Mr Carson, if he gets wind of this, will be reaching for his twitter account and cry wolf about more nasty, SNP, separatist bullying, just like he did time and time again in the run up to the May 2015 General election. 

Remind me, Mr Carson, how did that work out again? (Tory vote share down 1.7% compared to 2010 as Labour took a gubbing - down 21.2%)


  1. What's a mexican peasant got to do with 'Conservative economic competence' I have to ask? I think you meant 'paean'.

    Enjoyed the piece though.

    1. The curse of spell checker ....

    2. Corrected but then again probably a peon has a better grasp of economics than Osborne and the Conservatives ...

  2. I await, with baited breath, the replies; you will no doubt receive

    "Given the councilor in question would struggle to find his own arse with both hands and a GPS, "

    That was a real "laugh out loud" moment.

  3. The tories have plenty of cash to print that kind of drivel. Mind you be interesting to know who is paying for it and who is posting it through doors, the postie?

    They are all shaking in their boots because people have seen how Scotland was duped for years and years. Not putting up with it anymore. Let's see what they come up with in the next few months, they are desperate.

  4. Now that was fun, did so enjoy that. We are not living in cloud cuckoo land but they are.