Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Nightmare in Downing Street

Some one posted a Twitter feed on my Facebook time line from a member of the Britains' First (Jockistan) which talked about sending all 'moose limbs' home. This may be an attempt at 'humour' from the knuckle dragging wings of the British Nationalist Orange Order or Rangers Supporters Club (which may well be one and the same) known as Britains' First (Jockistan) and their underlying need to continue to create sectarianism, hatred and division on the grounds of religion, their raison d'etre. Now the footballing home of Scottish sectarianism and religious hatred is being cleaned out by the much maligned and yet apparently successful anti sectarian football laws, these folk are looking for a new home and a new cause. Their leadership is more than happy for them to do so as it deflects from the real, critical and destructive social problems facing not just Scotland but the rest of the UK. In turn this helps the same, at arms length leadership to finger point and tell anyone who wants to read the Daily Mail or Telegraph for the frothing at the mouth ugly sisters, Cochrane and Hjul, in their different guises that Jockistan is just as bad when it comes to hating people like 'Hard Pressed of Tonbridge Wells' or 'Long Suffering of High Wycombe' as these sectarian nutters.

I am not talking about those who nominally lead Britains' First, the UKIP rejects, but the real leadership driving this unceasing charade of ill done to 'English' folks in the Home Counties. These poor 'English' folk who need more protection from the evil separatists of Jockistan or the ungrateful unemployed, sick, old or disabled of the UK or the massed waves of refugees landing on the beaches of England. The great unwashed who each 'English' person (in the Home Counties) carries the personal burden of heavily and unfairly subsidising out of their own pockets. I am talking about Britians' First true leadership who sit around the cabinet table and foist their neo-fascist policies on the majority of the UK electorate who did not vote for them: the current Nightmare in Downing Street. 

Sadly for the perpetrators of this fallacy of Jockistan and its unique hatred of the 'English' there are now few outside the tame Unionist media who buy their snake oil salesmen line. It has come as a shock to many Daily Mail readers as to just how hated the archetypal 'English' chaps, they seek to represent as the real 'English', are around the globe in that most 'English' of sports, rugby. 

The universal rejoicing at their 'superior and world beating' team's early demise from the trophy which was theirs by right, according to their own assumption and sense of predestination, from the Antipodes via North America to Europe, has come as a bit of a shock to those at the heart of their mythical Albion of the superior in all regards to the rest of the Commonwealth, English man or woman. It appears the 'English', as represented by the readership of the Daily Mail or Telegraph, are not held in the high regard they think is their 'due right and privilege' as the founders of the 'British' Empire but very much the opposite. A fact not lost on those with the wit to understand why 80,000 of the UK's great unwashed (aka not readers of the Daily Mail or Telegraph) protested outside the hermetically sealed Tory Party Conference nor the police who were clearly expecting some level of serious violence from the marchers which by and large never arose, leaving their use of police marksmen looking a trifle over the top.

Every time Ian Duncan-Smith tells yet another lie about the scrounging, sickly, unemployed disabled mass of peasants reliant on state hand outs or the likes of Hunt tells us making the poorest people in the UK even poorer is good for them or the UK Taxpayers Alliance claims that poor old folk should be left to die of hypothermia or what ever they actually said, because this is good for the British Taxpayer then they are simply showing the way to the knuckle draggers of Britains' First that being fascists, right wing, racist, ignorant and bitterly prejudiced is just fine by us, in fact it is just like us. After all, the message the current Tory Party Conference is pumping out on a daily basis, all comes down to this:

 "If you are poor, unemployed, old, disabled or sick - be a good fellow and just fuck off and die."

All the BBC or other London based media's pettifogging and dissembling on this core message which is being transmitted daily to our homes, by focusing on Syria and other attempted distractions, has missed the point entirely. We heard what the basket cases in the Tory Cabinet, their party apparatchiks and hangers on actually said and all the spin in the world is not going to hide the nasty and inhumane core message of this Tory Party Conference.

They may think us 'British' outside the Home Counties do not matter now the ballot boxes have been put away for another five years and thus they can do what ever they wish. Yet if this is the case, the real leadership of Britains' First in Downing Street have learned nothing from the fundamental reason why there was 'British' Commonwealth and world wide rejoicing at the English rugby team's abject humiliation and demise.

In this, those who consider themselves to be of the 'British Establishment' are setting themselves up for a catastrophic political fall, a fall which will be triggered, sooner or later, either by another financial crash, an attempt to take the UK into a Middle East War or the up coming EU referendum any of which will see the UK Parliamentary Union fall to bits around their ears and their attempts to pocket their money and run curtailed in the anarchy and popular need for just retribution which may well prevail.

(The term 'English' in this article is being used as it is by the Tory Party and its media to mean white, upper middle class, Conservative Party voter, member or donor. Everyone else is 'British' in Tory speak unless they are 'bloody foreigners' or 'Jock separatists')


  1. "If you are poor, unemployed, old, disabled or sick - be a good fellow and just fuck off and die."

    They may as well have said that, in the first five seconds, buggered of back to porcine pass times, and be done with it.

    Still the rugby is a pleasure to watch, now that the obvious winners are no longer being touted at every opportunity.
    It's a shame really, the players are a good squad, it's the bull crap from the media commentators that sets them up for a fall, or generally annoys everyone.

  2. Indeed the utter arrogance of the 'English' raises it's ugly head just far too requently.

    I had the misfortune to stay with a couple of, it turns rabid unionist friends, last week. The arrogance and ignorance was painful to witness. Their stance on Syrian refugess was even a tad worrying, 'send them to other muslim countries!' they were angry that Porky has had to agree to taking a few in, and well, Scotland is a complete basket case in their stance on immigration.

    The worst must have been when I was told, loudly, that I should go live back in England, because I am not happy with what ukok are doing and have done to Scotland. Almost the opposite of the go home they say to furriners! Wow.

    No thanks, I said, been in Scotland for 26 years and not on your nelly would I want to live back in McDonalds land. Yes, big chain names were everywhere, very disturbing, to me.

    The rugby has dented their egos, awww.

  3. Curious: Was it similar with the "elites" and their self-important, parasitic flunkey classes self-deemed as "important" by ever so tenuous connection pre-collapse of many other degenerate vestiges of empire and "golden" regimes deemed to be immortal?

    Greece went down the tubes as did Rome.

    The Austro-Hungarian empire and its Ottoman counterpart et al did likewise.

    The Czars deposed and removed, and Marie-Antoinette forced to consume more than cake.

    Even England, too, was subjected to multiple civil wars as multiple gangsta clans acceded to the throne and asserted their Divine Right, blood right, and immutability in the teeth of historical forces.

    Yet, still, they refuse to acknowledge their fantasies and go gracefully. Rather, they all have and still prefer to hang on bloodily to the bitter end and trust they can leg it, if forced to, with squillions of loot.

    This current lot at WM and Buck House are really pushing the envelope, however.

    Trust that when we Scots walk, our brethern in Albion will need to re-discover their inner, dormant Tom Paine.

    That said, it may be that their contemporary, collective psyche is now so irretrievably Thatcherized in hankering after their Queen Elizabeth 1 mother figure plus their ingrained deference to aeons of male and female thugs who have ruled over them before their Bess and after her that they are beyond conceiving of democracy and the brutal fact that they are not exceptional amongst the serried ranks of humankind?

    Indeed, was England ever a democracy? Is it one and does it really aspire to be one in the proper sense beyond its polyarchy window dressing?

    I for one do not now give a dead pig, but urge the English yeomanry to grow up and stand on their own two feet for a fucking change (to use an old English technical expression and modifier).