Tuesday, 20 October 2015

It wisnae me ... it's aa Nicola's fault ...

On a scan through my Facebook today I found some person seeking to pin the blame on Cameron's sell off what was left of the UK Steel Industry down the river to China rather than continuing the subsidy to India's steel and iron industry in the form of Tata. Apparently Ms Sturgeon should be held to task as to why she has let this happen and let Chinese Steel build the new Forth Bridge.

I was not going to respond because clearly the man was an utter eedjit, even though he was a Yes supporter, but there is something that irks me when the far lefties have a go like this, so I replied in what I hope was a civilised manner:

"Mr *****, the steel had to come from China, for the new Forth Bridge, as it has the only remaining capacity to produce the quality and sizes of steel required. The question is why is this the case?

The answer is Labour sat on their hands and did nothing as the UK steel industry was shredded to bits by previous Tory Governments, including Blair's. Cameron is merely completing the process Thatcher started. Sadly, like the disillusioned lass on Question Time, you get what you voted for ..... this is karma and the past actions of the UK electorate catching up with us.

To expect Ms Sturgeon to have some sort of magic wand to wave to reverse nearly 40 years of neglect of the UK Steel Industry is a tad naive. Even if we were now heading for independence in 2020, the iron and steel manufacturing base in Scotland is so F'd it will take 20 years to turn around and require massive investment in new plant on which the returns, in the current international iron and steel markets, would be highly suspect.

The real question is why did the left wing, UK steelworkers union try to get its members in Scotland to vote 'No' in the independence referendum when the reward for the steelworkers in voting 'No' turned out to be, Cameron has sold them down the river to China?

Like so much of the 'Project Fear' campaign it turns out what they said would happen in Scotland, on independence is actually their own, longstanding political agenda and can be tagged on to the pension cuts, decimation of welfare provision, privatisation of the NHS in England and all the rest Cameron's Government is now set to inflict on Scotland and the UK.

The left wing in Scotland is as guilty as anyone else for the situation in the steel industry, so instead of blaming Nicola why not have a long hard look at the pathetic mess left wing politics has long been in the UK, too busy fighting each other to mount any serious opposition."

This is just another reason why we are not and never will be 'Better Together' and why RISE will quickly fall.


  1. the closures started in the seventies under labour i remember marching through motherwell to try and halt the closures while labour did notjing

  2. Yes indeed. I saw that on ScotgoesPop yesterday, a commenter, obviously a rabid unionist, said that the 'vow has been delivered', our NHS has not been privatised as the nats, yes lot kept saying etc. He didn't mention the fact that our industries, what was left of them are being systematically dismantled and this is just the start lf their destruction of Scotland.

    I was thinking today, regards the rugby, that really they, the london elite, will never allow Scotland to appear strong, whether in sport, science, business, or politics. It jist goes to show how we are stronger than they are, in so many areas, and that is why we are such a threat to them.