Wednesday, 14 October 2015

U-turn, We turn, its nobody's turn.

The back stage Labour press briefers are having a field day as the Blairites and Brownites cry "Foul! This was not what was supposed to happen." as the comfy Chuckle Brothers 'To me, to you' politic of the Oxbridge elites at Westminster is taking a bit of a kicking from the Corbyn / McDonnell axis flexing what was supposed to be its puny political muscle against what was the agreed norm of process and operations at Westminster. A Labour leader and his best chum telling Labour MPs what to do and how to vote because their membership had made clear that is how they should vote. How absolutely and utterly disgusting!

Could they not see that by actually 'giving a shit' the membership would be forcing all their comfy Labour MP backsides through a lobby against what they had already decided was the smart move for their careers. Forcing them into the 'austerity trap' Osborne had set for them and, worse, an embarrassment to all those lobbying companies and donors who had already told them to vote for more austerity and destruction of what is left of the UK's taxpayer funded welfare and health provisions. Just what is going to happen to all the directorships and consultancies they had already lined up for themselves in the health and welfare ALEO's that are going to provide these services in the future, in England and Wales. The pain in their back pockets cried out for vengeance and so we see the hyperbolic and asinine headlines in the London Parish Pump Media from a whole load of folk who thought they had it sussed, Corbyn was weak and ineffective, life would go along as usual, sorted out in the bars and corridors of Westminster with money and favours moving Chuckle Brother like 'To me, to you'.

Denial is a powerful emotion.

The London Parish Pump Media writers could not handle two events in a week puncturing their self righteous bubble. Tom Watson not apologising for pointing out he had nothing to apologise for in dobbing Leon Brittan or Lord Janner to Mr Plod - think of these two poor men's reputations as public figures that the London Parish Pump Media cried crocodiles tears for, think of their families -  but no thought to the damage and destruction their alleged offences or those their high placed public figure chums caused to numerous young people or the evil rings of providers of young people to abuse their cash supported, in children's homes and youth organisations across the UK.

Now Corbyn and his Shadow Chancellor are not doing what they are told to do by the same London Parish Pump media and those who provide them with the poison to write. Disgusting, it is the end of the Labour Party, the party can not survive its MPs being told by the membership what to do. The plebs just do not understand the real impact of what they are asking their MPs to do by voting against the Conservatives Austerity Charter, its a disaster, rather than preventing the economically innumerate 'CAC' this Charter clearly is, becoming law.

Funnily the chaps and chapess's of the London Parish Pump Media did not agree its was all the 'bloody TUC's fault' which is surprising as the TUC (still Labour's biggest funder) has been banging on about opposing this insane charter and the new Trade Union Laws the Conservatives want to impose on the UK to anybody with a tin ear to listen. No, actually addressing the reality was too much for the Pump Media to take in, better just stay in denial, it has to be something else, there must be a 'greater good' obsessing Corbyn to do this to the political status quo off which all feed well. The gears clunked, whirred, clashed and ground for at least thirty seconds before some genius came up with, "Its all the SNPs fault!"

It could only be Corbyn maneuvering to outwit the dastardly SNP who are not playing the Westminster game and actually seeking to represent their electorate and not the status quo. This was Corbyn's stroke of genius to restore Labour's fortunes in Scotland and stop the SNP's Jockistan separatist juggernaut crushing all before it in May 2016. He was stealing a trick from the SNP, claiming he was listening to Labour's membership to wrong foot those nasty separatists, after May 2016 all would settle down again to the usual moribund predictability. This is what this U-turn was all about, phew, what a relief, the Conservatives would get their way once the Jock pretendy parliament was back in Labour's (aka Unionist) control next year.

This could have been a decent hypothesis but only if you were totally ignorant of current voting trends in Scotland for May 2016 which are predicting Labour, the Conservatives and the Libdems could all end up with an even lower vote share for Holyrood than they managed in this year's general election in Scotland.

The real shock could well be that Corbyn has got the Blairite and Brownites on the run, has outwitted their placemen and women on his 'cabinet' who were to ensure St Tony's words were adhered to, the faith remaining unchallenged and has actually got the balls to put a wrecking ball through the Oxbridge Elite consensus ..... the Labour abstentions on the 'CAC' vote will tell us much, much more than those who troop through the lobby with the Tories, a lot about where Labour are actually headed and give those of the London Parish Pump Media the headline (or maybe not): 

"SNP Thwarted, 'CAC' goes through the motions".


  1. Peter,what puzzles me is that my limited understanding of the Westminster "constitution" was that no government can bind the hands of a future one.
    Doesn't this then give the charter a duration of around 4 years depending on who forms the next government?
    Agree about why Labour did a TomTom on austerity,one story for Scottish elections and another for English (UK) ones.
    Two different polities which require different (separate) policies.
    British Labour will be back on message for the next Westminster elections.

    1. Sometimes the legislation is so insidious that it is next to impossible to reverse once it has cast its web. So Labour may well claim to reverse the 'damage' caused by CAC but like the 1990's Tory NHS policies find themselves powerless to do anything about it so will call it something else so they can claim to have changed it.

      There is only one effective answer ... say noodle pip to the Union.