Friday, 12 July 2013

Bitter Together - now on Kindle to download

The UK Government is on the rocks.

The stroppy Scots are looking to go their own way, Prime Minister Cambourne is getting desparate as he needs their oil and gas taxes to sustain his London bankers life styles. Cambourne needs a plan to halt the Scots in their path and save the Union. His prayers are answered when a lowly civil servant arrives to see him with a plan created by his mentor to wreck the SNP's ambitions.

No sooner has Cambourne authorised 'Cockleshell' than the wheels come off and he is searching for a scapegoat to blame ..... well there is always the civil servant worm who brought him the plan .... isn't there?

But the worm has other ideas ...... let mayhem and crisis ensue around the London Olympics.

A political satire for modern times.

" ...a good and powerful writer, with an easy way with words, as well as deep understanding of the topics and worlds about which you write.

I hope for your sake if not mine, that one day I come to regret this decision not to proceed to publish Bitter Together. I certainly enjoyed the political satire throughout it and found it very entertaining." - Managing Director, Ringwood Publications

Bitter Together - the book that has to get out there .. please help and prove the Managing Director of Ringwood Publications right, that his Editorial Board were wrong.

Who was it said the Scots do not do satire ... maybe they should read Bitter Together

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