Saturday, 27 July 2013

Jim Murphy's last hurrah?

The nasty vicious Nu Blu Labour civil war in Scotland continues, to the delight of the 'Yes Campaign' and the SNP with Milliband's attempts to brush the selection debacle under the carpet, after the Scottish Police found no criminal case to answer over Labour's 'independent' inquiry into the Battle of Falkirk. The reason Mr Plod is not interested could be many fold, not the least being the wish to stay clear of Labour blood letting; well, at least until it is all over when picking up the 'criminal' bits will be far less stressful as 'good Labour folk' will be only too happy to stick the knife into the back of other 'good Labour people' and the bigger prize for Mr Plod will be unlocking Glasgow Labour's Tammany Hall with its bursting at the seams skeleton cupboards: Kelly, Purcell, Matheson ...... links to Glasgow's Organised Crime Syndicates .... dubious contracts ..... ALEOs .... Commonwealth Games Land Deals ...

Seen through London Labour's eyes it is 'sorted' and this message is being spun across the London based media, yet in Scotland this is far from the case as Jim Murphy and his Blairites have sidelined the supposed 'elected leader of all' in Scotland, Johann Lamont, who is Unite sponsored, to the point she has been 'disappeared' with Blairite 'Stairheid Rammy' Curran and her pal 'Clatty' Jackie Baillie doing all Lamont's speaking for her.

Behind all this is a bitter bit of infighting going on within Labour's Scottish region's ferret sack between those who consider 'Better Together' to be a political disaster in the making for Labour; such as ex-First Minister Henry McCleish, the STUC, most of the Scottish branches of the Unions, Councillors, a growing chunk of the few remaining Labour members left in Scotland, and the Blairites who need to keep their noses in the Westminster trough to survive, gain power and prosper.

What the Battle of Falkirk was actually about is preventing an increasing number of Labour's Scottish region players from pushing the need for Better Together to change track and bring forward a White Paper on Fiscal Autonomy for Scotland which a Unite win in the selection battle would have triggered, a selection that Jim Murphy could not have let happen with out being further undermined and threatened in his Scottish fiefdom.

Ed Milliband is yet again demonstrating just how weak he is as a leader by brushing the real problems destroying Labour's Scottish region under the 'disciplinary' carpet in the hopes it will all just go away.

PS: It is interesting to note that 'Better Together' spokespeople's language is shifting from Scottish Independence will 'never happen' to talking about 'if' Scottish Independence ever happens.

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  1. The little boxes above give three options,there should be a fourth,story about nothing,as I think it is not at all interesting, odd but not funny and "cool"!! explanation here to define "cool" Independence is much closer than London thinks,and I believe they will try a very serious stunt reminiscent of the six counties solution,or a total ignoring of the result of the referendum.We are aware of the "postal vote" trick,and will be looking at it very carefully.Bitter Together is just that BITTER,the project fear is backfiring and causing them more problems than benefits,Oh! I'm looking forward to raising the OLDEST COUNTRY FLAG IN THE WORLD.