Friday, 5 July 2013

Orange Order the Church of Scotland.....

Thanks to my auld aquaintance for the heads up on this.

Apparently the Orange Order are saying there are 'biblical reasons' why the Union is insoluable in 'God's eyes ..... I kid you not. Maybe you would like to join in Rod's gemme and rewrite the bible to justify independence?

Get creative:
'The Lord looked upon an Independent Scotland, and declared that It was good, and was thus was well satisfied with his work.  He then cast his eye upon the Orange pharisees....shook his head and wept with laughter at their nonsense' ... ( Rod 1:1)

'..An he telt his ane voice in thon wilderness tae lead his Scottis fowk tae yon promised land where they cud be thir ain sel's, frie, annent oppression ir ony sik like stramash efter thir 300 years bidin' in thon desert. Sae Wee Eck stertit the lang merch tae tak his fowk taewurds thon land quhit God promised thim fir thir ain, firm aginst the slings an arra's ae the UKanian's quhit socht tae stap him an his fowk deid.' (Ecksodus 12.14)

Have fun

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  1. What an absolute shower of fcukwits. Why don't they just admit their views are based on ignorance, prejudice, bigotry and triumphalism - the four table legs of their cult. Self serving wee men in their fancy dress costumes displaying ingrained stoic denial and blind determination never to change... but they don't know why, as thinking and having a different view from the other sheep might just be too difficult and require independent thought Their slogan is always "NO... NO... A thousand times NO.... Now, what's the question"? !