Friday, 5 July 2013

Is this a Dagger I see before me?

Ed Milliband is just a bystander in the whole Falkirk midden, a latter day Banquo - he has no power over the two dinosaurs fighting over his still warm body.

The real fight is between Len McCluskey and Jim Murphy as to who gets to pull Ed Milliband's strings. The situation is made worse because McCluskey and Murphy hate each other guts. It should be noted that Poynton (who was also buying memberships for his 'friends') was Murphy's preferred stool pigeon for Falkirk and he just happens to be Shadow Defence Minister Murphy's 'special aide's', husband - no conflict there, then. The question is: will McCluskey be able to persuade Unite to pull the fiscal plug on Nu Blu Labour and bring Labour crashing to its knees? In which case both Ed and Murphy are in a lose/lose scenario on all fronts.

In the meantime, in Scotland, the Yes Campaign and SNP are rubbing their hands with glee at further clear evidence of Nu Blu Labour's inability to manage a bag of jelly babies, as the 'Better Together' Campaign runs out of steam with 14 months to go after a scare story too far on mobile roaming charges .... and Lamont's complete silence as 'Labour leader' in Scotland reveals just how much of a 'toom tabard' she actually is. In the meanwhile the divisions of Labour in Scotland grow over their standing on a platform with the Tories as Gordon Brown's attempt to create a breakaway pro-Union (non Tory related) group within Labour in Scotland had the life of a Mayfly.

I feel sorry for well meaning folk in England who still prefer not to see the travesty Labour have become in the last decade or so. When Labour MP's on national TV can claim people become 'unemployed' merely because they are not 'self reliant' and Labour councillor's tell people to sell their TV to pay for the 'bedroom tax' then the 'Labour right or wrong' supporters of this world need to think, what it is they are supporting and why?

Simply wanting to topple Cameron and replace him with a Labour style Cameron, lead by his nose, controlled by which ever Nu Blu Labour faction is actually in 'power', with no regard to any concept of right of centre Liberalism let alone left of centre social democracy (as for socialism - forget it) is not the solution or even start to the solution.

England's problem is a Westminster plutocracy, elected by an ever smaller section of the electorate, with no real checks or balances and no vision for the UK, outside of London. England is stuck with a generation of 'me too' politicians busy climbing the greasy pole. Scotland's answer to this insoluable problem for Scotland is the slow but steady move to end the Union after the Scottish electorates' wish for a new Union settlement (fiscal autonomy for all the constituent parts) was rejected out of hand by Westminster in their insistence that the 2014 referendum was a 'Yes / No' question only. In doing so Westminster disenfranchised the 70% of Scots who wished for fiscal autonomy, an act that may well come back to haunt Westminster and their short term thinking. The SNP majority at Holyrood in 2011 was a deliberate message from the Scots on the issue of fiscal autonomy.

Funny, eh? The Scottish 'subsidy junkies' wanted to stand on their own two fiscal feet, be self reliant, just like the Labour MP hectoring young Owen said we should and yet Westminster ran scared of us Scots doing so. Leaves you wondering about the neoliberal 'austerity program' and just who it is benefiting?

Ed as Banquo's ghost, it just fits like a glove ...

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