Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Chairs, Deck, Titanic, Rearranging ...

If current Scottish public opinion equals an iceberg, then the UK Union equals the onrushing Titanic which means Gordon Brown is just one of many deck chair attendants.

Unfortunately folk like Standard and Poors, Fitch and almost anyone else who has independently looked at pension and welfare provision in an independent Scotland has identified that an independent Scotland's economy will be easily able to afford its current public services - NHS, Welfare, Pensions ....

Better Together did not listen to Professor Curtice who stated that the Better Together campaign was at risk of becoming an annoying back ground noise that no one in Scotland is listening to.

Brown 'crying wolf' in the face of fiscal reality is just yet another reason why the Union is heading towards its end.

The Scots want substance and all Westminster and its media bubble are offering is hyperbole and 'jam tomorrow'. Folk, like myself, who are writing parody and satire about the Better Together Campaign have reached a point where the announcement's from Better Together and its tame media outlets are just so bizarre, so out to lunch they are beyond parody. Just when you come up with an idea that an independent Scotland will risk invasion from wee green men, the Defence Minister, Mr Hammond, only then comes up to Scotland to tell us we would not be able to protect ourselves from an attack from outer space if we were independent.

Yesterday the Scottish Daily Express ran a headline stating Brown's line over pensions being a 'big risk to Scotland' while their UK edition was warning all UK Citizens the UK Government had cocked up future pension provision and there was this massive 'black hole' accompanied by falling tax revenues.

In an independent Scotland oil and gas is a basket case yet the UK Minister of Energy is telling the oil and gas industry the sector is 'vital' to the UK's economic interest.

Then there is the evidence of psychological projection going on between the Cameron's, Millibands and Cleggs and the UK population and is clearly seen where the actual failings of Westminster are projected onto an 'independent Scotland' in a form of megalomaniac denial.

The very political organisation (Westminster) which is to all intents and purposes an elected dictatorship paints the current leader of the Scottish Government as a Hitler, Pol Pot or Mugabwe style figure. Yet it is Westminster legislation which is directly implicated in increased homelessness, the collapsing NHS in England, rising levels of poverty and the deaths of over 10,600 UK citizens directly attributable to the Welfare Reform Act 2012 by the DWP's own figures. Comparisons with the 1934 Nuremburg Laws are not in anyway an exaggeration of the impact Westminster's narrow cronyism on actual people in the UK.

The Guardian editorial (Gordon Brown: Union man) is both wishful and ignorant in its construction and assumptions and merely demonstrates further that Westminster and its tame London media are JUST NOT LISTENING to the ordinary people of Scotland, along with large chunk of ordinary people England and Wales.

If Westminster fears for the end of its hegemony over Scotland to this panic stricken extent then it should be terrified by the UKIP monster it is nurturing in England and will be unleashed on a 'Yes vote' in September.

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