Tuesday, 1 April 2014

England is Screwed! (No not the Dutch 20/20 win)

"All this highlights two issues: the no campaign is in difficulty – polls show the yes vote increasing – and England is indifferent. Mr Cameron’s appeal for those of us who live south of the border to weigh in and fight for the Union has patently not worked. Alan Cochrane’s cri de coeur yesterday made the point that it’s time for unionists to get the collective finger out was eloquent, but the scale of his task is underscored by today’s April Fool jokes. Yes, I know, it’s all a bit of fun, but we should save the laughs for after September 18. The English need to wake up to the fact that Scottish independence won’t help the Scots, and it will screw them too."  Bernard Brogan - Telegraph

"The English need to wake up to the fact that Scottish independence won’t help the Scots, and it will screw them too."

At last, someone on the 'No' side of the debate has let the cat out the bag, the 'No Campaign' is not about what is best for Scotland and all about preserving the current British Establishment / English hegemony at Westminster. England is screwed without Scotland - a staggering statement.

Mr Brogan is quite clear about it, the time for joking is past, it is time for the English public to wake up to the reality the Scots are not joking, they are deadly serious. The September 2014 referendum is no April Fool's Joke and could see the English being 'screwed'.

Worse Mr Brogan lets slip the FT coverage of the Scottish independence debate is too close to accurate for his liking, he dislikes its apparent enthusiasm for the pro-Yes camp in the articles it is routinely publishing. Sadly Mr Brogan has lost the ability to discern balanced reporting when he sees it, as is clearly seen in his praise Alan Cochrane whose columns are met by most Scots with scorn and laughter.

The problem for Mr Brogan to address is just who is going to apply the breaks to the Better Together too poor, too wee, too stupid campaign as its speed ever increases well past the point of  'safe braking' and a 'soft landing'?

How will Mr Brogan reverse nearly two years of London based media antipathy towards Scotland?

How will an England, presented in the media as being scornful and indifferent to Scottish wishes, turn itself back through 180 degrees?

The nonsense around a currency union has deafened even more Scottish ears to Westminster whining, every 'Scotland cannae dae it' appeal comes up against a barrage of informed comment from knowledgeable pro-Scottish Independence bloggers and is often stopped in its tracks before it starts - as seen in yesterday's Barrhead Travel fiasco which lead to folk cancelling their holidays in disgust and left the board of Barrhead Travel sending out press releases that the founding father was not speaking on behalf of the board, on which he is a 'non-executive' director. Is this Barrhead Travel's Gerald Ratner moment?

This is not Scots being prickly, this is Scots saying we have had enough of your trashing of Scotland, in fact we are fed up with the rubbish coming out of 'Better Together', full stop.  The point is rapidly arriving where Better Together is becoming - in Professor Curtice's words, '..just an irritating noise in the background.'

The Better Together Campaign's Grand National horse, 'Too poor, too wee, too stupid', lost its rider at the first and is increasingly just a nuisance to riders, causing horses to trip and fall - the latest faller being 'No Currency Union' trained by A Darling, ridden by the Three Stooges and owned by D Cameron.

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