Saturday, 19 April 2014

Dear Telegraph Reader ...

A quick read down the standard Telegraph blog on independence and the reason the Scots are moving ever 'Yes ward' is clear to those who pause for two seconds to consider the content of the bile, anger and hatred being displayed by 'honest' Tories.

Hammond was in Scotland this week to tell the Scots they would be invaded by space monsters if they left the Union. Lord George Robertson has announced that Russia will get into NATO before Scotland. The RN has admitted the only place the new carriers can be maintained on the British mainland is at Rosyth. Osbourne is still trying to convince the Scots that North Sea gas and oil is a basket case in their hands but announced as vital to the UK by the Conservative Energy minister ... the currency union ploy is now dead as the international markets and credit agencies make clear they want a currency union or rUK can forget regaining its triple A rating in the near and middle future.

Yet still the Telegraph and its readership continue to blame the SNP for their own failure to address the actual issues among ordinary Scots which are driving the end of the UK Union, issues which are far beyond its total and blind fascination with Alex Salmond. A focus on Alex Salmond based on the Westminster medias' fascination with the personality politics of X-Factor or the Voice rather than the real issues of political divergence between Scotland and Westminster.

Not the least of these issues being Duncan-Smith's crass Welfare Reform Act 2012, the ever right wing shift by the 'Toryliblabdemkip' at Westminster and Cameron's recent appeal that he is doing 'God's Will' after which most Scots' sympathies are with the jelly fish.

Time to take your collective heads out of the Tory bucket within which your voices clash and clang but never can hear or perceive what is happening outside.

Patronising and antagonising Scots is not the way to save the union of sovereign parliaments created by the 1706 Treaty of Union which is the UK.

Whether, dear Telegraph reader, you can understand or wish to acknowledge in your anger and fear what a 'Yes vote' means is up to you but the end of the 1706 Treaty of Union which a 'Yes vote' delivers, means the end of the UK Parliamentary Union and the recall of the sovereign parliaments of the two original signature realms.

(Been off on a golfing holiday - news and computer free which fairly cleans up your head of all the clutter and emotion.)

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