Monday, 28 April 2014

Silence of the Bams ...

Not been that well since Friday - my non existent disease (Fibromyalgia) flared up on Friday night to leave me washed out like a dirty rag for most of Saturday and Sunday. I wonder how I will get on when the idiot Smith forces folk like me on 'benefits' to sign up day after day and I can not come in because I am too ill to drive and would be a danger to myself and other road users. I suppose they would tell me to move closer than the current 27 miles between me and the DWP office, take a bus .... there is one every two hours and I would have to walk over a mile to the bus stop and the same to the DWP Office .... when I hardly have the energy to put any clothes on, let alone put one foot in front of the other .

Better Together? Can I just have a wee think about that.

On Facebook one of my chums wanted me to read a Daily Heil article telling their 'UKIP world' that Eck Salmond had respect for Putin as a politician, this was somehow terrible and Wee Eck was already doing a secret deal to allow the Ruskies to invade England through Scotland or some equally inane Daily Heil style claim, simply because it had made my chum so angry.

Why, when I have been feeling like fly after being given a good sook by a spider, would I want to go and do that? Waste my energy on getting angry when I have to consciously breathe because my ribs are aching and breathing hurts, I had a quick think about that - 'No way, Hosea'.

Over at the Spectator, Jim Fairlie is stating the bleeding obvious to Scottish Labour voters that supporting a 'No vote' will simply elongate the current kicking they are getting from the 'workers party' and have been getting for the last 50 odd years from Labour - what with welfare cuts, NHS cuts and austerity which continues to pump tax payers money into the richest in the UK's back pockets - amongst which, it appears, the Labour MP's just happen to number. You can see why the Labour MPs think it is Better Together.

Then there is the CBC or is it the BBI. It difficult to tell them apart in a post Fibro haze but one is lobbying for a No vote because some junior manager thinks it is a good idea but did it without anyone else knowing while the other is an unrepresentative lobbying organisation who want a 'No vote in September because that is what the feudal British Establishment requires them to do. These two are probably 'Better Together' since you can not tell them apart anyway.

All across the different media there is this surfeit of anger on both sides, the banging of heads against brick walls, the re-runs of the same arguments, the increasing frustration and desperation of well meaning individuals broaching ashore on a rocky beach of ignorance and vested self interest. An overall a sense of 'they have been warned', and if Westminster is unprepared, as Mr Carmichael has claimed, for a Yes vote then 'Deil tak the hindmost' they will just get what is coming their way - mostly in terms of a back lash from the English electorate as Westminster (now the recalled parliament of England and Wales) concedes on one thing after another, during the break up negotiations, as real politik takes over.

I have made a decision, for the good of my health, and, like judges, when anyone starts to talk about 'Better Together', their kamikaze policies or their toothless ambushes I will decree I can not hear or see them because they are improperly attired to present their case - being as Better Together is as politically naked (and can make as much sense) as they day they were born.

I will call this approach, 'The Silence of the Bams' and feel much the better for it, Clarice.

(PS: Tonight I am having a nice Chianti with liver and some sugar snap peas ........ can't get hold of any Faver Beans ...)

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