Thursday, 10 April 2014

Dances with Wolves

I just love the smell of Unionist panic in the mornings (and afternoons, evenings - in fact at all times).
Apparently Dave Cameron has got 'God' and is now claiming he is doing 'God's work', 'Uniting the Nation' - in a far less successful remake of the Blair Years.

Bill Bailey thinks Milliband is one of those plastic bags stuck in tree no one can be bothered to get down.

Better Together's big news today is some Tory donor has paid for a call centre to be opened in London to telephone canvas in Scotland - that 'll work ...

Where are the Telegraph / Guardian headlines about how much Alisdair's trip to the USA is costing the UK tax payer simply to say a variant of 'Don't listen to Wee Eck, he's a liar.' or the costs to the UK Diplomatic Service of pandering to Darling's every whim and not inconsiderable ego plus protection officers?

Wee Eck is 'bad' because he and his wife are staying in a $750 a night suite. 

So, OK, where's Darling being put up - a cardboard box behind the UK Embassy? Did he swim to the USA with only a pair of Wilko swimming wings to support him? Why would the USA want to listen to a failed politician who brought Wall Street so much grief? Darling will be eating in Salvation Army soup kitchens while in the USA, wont he?

The USA will recognise and do business with an independent Scotland simply because its oil and gas industry is not leaving the North Sea anytime in the next 50 odd years.

Ed Davey's statement yesterday has already been shot down by umpteen academics pointing out the exact opposite will happen - Scotland has surplus generating capacity England is down to less than 2% safe margin. We have had Lord George Robertson of Poltroon claiming in effect 'Western Democracy will collapse' if Scotland gains independence and Darling making claims on behalf of the IMF which have no IMF attribution but are peddled by the papers and London media as being 'the truth'.

The people of Scotland will decide in September whether the UK Union stays or goes - over four months out and the Unionist Astroturf campaign is already in trouble while staring into the abyss of an increasingly probable defeat. The Unionist response is to yell ever louder, over and over again, the very same claims which have reduced their lead in the first place, claims which Scots are believing less and less in any case. Claims which Professor Curtice has warned Better Together will ".. reduce the Better Together campaign to an irritating background noise which no one is listening to."

The real question is just who is all this 'crying wolf' for? What is the point of all these doom and gloom messages when it is clear Scots are, in increasing numbers, not listening to the 'scary messages' from UK Parliament spokespeople?

My only conclusion is the Westminster establishment is lining up the Scots to take the blame when the rUK economy and currency goes pear shaped on 'no currency union' as a result of a 'yes' vote.

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