Friday, 14 February 2014

Dear Mr Darling - I need 'Better Together' to answer .....

Dear Mr Darling, 

As leader of Better Together there are many questions about staying in the UK I need Better Together to answer, maybe you could do me the service?


  1. Just how is Mr Osbourne is going to stop the UK from going tits up as his economic policy continues to crash and burn?
  2. What are the polices Mr Cameron has for a subjugated Scotland? 
  3. How many Scots is the UK going to reduce to poverty in 2015?
  4. How many more UK folk are to be killed by Mr Duncan-Smith's Welfare Reforms?
  5. Why do you agree with privatising  NHS England to pay for a nuclear weapon system nobody (including the UK's bestest friend the USA) says we can afford?
  6. How much longer will the UK continue to fail to meet its NATO defence commitments with Standing Naval Force Atlantic, its lack of maritime surveillance capability, its military overstretch while still cutting the services back heavily?
  7. Why are UK citizens still at risk working for BP in highly unstable Libya or Nigeria?
  8. How much longer will the real unemployment figures be fudged to pretend there are fewer folk unemployed when the real number is far bigger? 
  9. Why would Scotland want to be stuck with Sterling which is devaluing as we speak if we didn't have some fiscal controls 
  10. Do you actually trust the Gideot? 
  11. What part of Mr Osbourne's Dinae dae it Scotland or I'll gie ye a right doin' speech which saw the London Stock exchange lose 51 points between Mr Osbourne shutting up on Thursday and the end of trading got the international money markets so upset?
These are just some of the 'what ifs' surrounding staying in the UK I need answered. Currently the answers Better Together are giving seem hugely, hugely negative to me Mr Darling, perhaps you can reassure me the UK Parliament is not simply so inept it is going to continue to compound this economic and social stupidity and end up wrecking Scotland?

  • As for NATO; the current Secretary General is on record as saying NATO would accept an independent Scotland with open arms.
  • The EU sees little problem with membership as Scotland already conforms with all membership criteria and Scots are already EU citizens - is that why the UK Parliament will not ask.
  • Did you know Mr Osbourne is lying about Sterling - according to Nobel Laureate economists Mr Osbourne is tell ruddy big fibs about Scotland not being allowed to use the Scottish pound which is backed by £4 billion in Sterling bonds at the Bank of England?
Can you understand why I am very worried about continuing in a UK Parliamentary Union which seems to be set up to shaft and rob Scotland at every turn?

Yours sincerely,

A member of the Scottish electorate.


  1. That list of questions would not impress Better Together. Only 10? They managed 500 - even if they did get a bit repetitive.

    Anyway, Darling is not in the business of answering questions, which is why he would not have a debate with Dennis Canavan.

  2. Les - I have only just got started .... but if you asked all the questions the numpties need to answer I'd still be typing the list on the 18th of September ... :-)

  3. Peter,
    Westminster doesn't and never has given a stuff about the people of Scotland.
    All that they are concerned about is the break up of THEIR UK,which is why they will never give answers (at least any believable ones) about our future within THEIR UK.
    The choice surely is our democracy or their UK.