Saturday, 22 February 2014

Dumb or Dumber?

I usually try to blog on a comment by the anti-independence brigade in a manner which counters their argument yet also seeks to inform.

Today I simply have to say 'give me patience'; as the verbal misinformation diarrhea of the No side continues to dribble down the inside leg of sanity and onto the BBC and London based media's top stories as 'headline stories'.

In the last few days we Scots have been told we will not be able to:
  1. Enter the Eurovision song contest
  2. Keep our half of the 'Titians' we helped pay for
  3. We can't keep our railways
  4. Join NATO (yet again)
  5. Drive on the left anymore
 David Bowie, a tax exile in the USA, has asked by a proxy (Kate Moss) at an awards event he could not be arsed to attend, not to split the UK Union - Scotland. This lead to even more 'cack' than usual as top stories across the London based press and media.

This weekend we currently are being bombarded by a whole load of 'we do not really want to say 'but' .... Scotland, just look at what is happening in the Ukraine - that could be you! ; lurking around as comment.

The New Statesman breaks this mass trend of dumb and dumber stories spreading a nasty smell about an independent Scotland by asking what happens to Scotland's MP's on a 'Yes' vote.

Sadly the author clearly has no clue what will actually happen and never bothered to do any serious research on the matter of law and constitution, even though Ed Balls let slip in a meeting with Scottish Business men and women in January 2014 he expects to be rUK Chancellor in May 2015 on a Yes vote. The question the New Statesman needed to ask was how can the UK Parliament remain sovereign in the presence of the two original, sovereign, signatory parliaments of the Treaty of Union at Westminster and Holyrood? The only two parliaments which can negotiate the UK Parliament's demise under the terms of the 1706 Treaty of Union.

All this and its only Saturday - tomorrow will no doubt bring another 'Blast from the Monstrous Regiment of Press Strumpets and Media Whores' in London about what Scotland will be and will not be allowed to do by a UK Westminster Parliament which has lost the plot and senses its end is approaching rapidly.

Dumb and Dumber - London's press and media.

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