Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Ascent of Man ... we never learn.

This is from a program made before Facebook or the Internet, as we now know it, was born. 

Please watch it, it lasts only 4 minutes, but the video clip contains a bitter warning and a  reminder to all humanity what happens when politicians think they are right and have all the 'right' simplistic answers. Politicians like Ian Duncan-Smith, the Gideot, Farage or call me Dave with their; make the poorest pay the most, austerity is working, leave the EU and the UK will be great again, the policies of my government are the 'right' policies, respectively.

It is also a reminder to all of us canvassing for a Yes vote in September for the need for humility and integrity in all we say and do. A failure of both we will all indulge in from time to time, because we are human; yet we need to be aware all the same we are never 'right' we just think from our observations, the growing evidence and exchanging of ideas; independence for Scotland makes the most sense. We also must remember nothing beyond 'now' is certain, everything is always open to change, we need to stay awake to this scary but also powerful idea at all times. Especially as the weight of objective evidence and international acceptance of a 'Yes vote' for independence is moving our way.

This is a hard ethical road to plough when faced with the weight of the British Establishment in denial and its control by default of all the UK main stream media. Yet it will be through honest  directness (not certainty) we will win this vital cause and in so doing create the opportunity for a country fit for all 'Jock Tamson's bairns'. We need to conduct ourselves with humility because all those Scots on the 'No' side will have to be made welcome in the new Scotland, crowing over our success, no matter how valid, will only confirm their prejudices.

My appeal to myself and all those I know and do not know in the 'Yes' campaign is not to get taken up in the hubris and excitement of the increasing likelihood of a 'Yes vote' in September 2014, let us leave the hubris, hue and cry from the roof tops to the Unionists and remind ourselves anything which is any good, enduring or beneficial in human society always grows from the (grass)roots up, it is the grass roots we need to continue to nourish.

As Dr Bronowski puts it so eloquently, "We are always on the point of 'knowing' but the more we 'know' the further away 'knowing everything' seems."

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  1. Thanks Peter.
    Having absolute unrestrained power leads to situations like Hitler's "final solution".
    Without legally binding safeguards for people,governments which claim absolute authority can pretty well do as they please.
    A priority for the first independent Scottish government must be to enshrine human rights within a written constitution.
    Of course,a written constitution will not give 100% guarantees that a government will always act within the constitution but it makes it much more difficult to do otherwise.
    Pluralism in terms of democratic representation also acts as a barrier to unconstitutional behaviour and probably a head of state who is charged to uphold the constitution as well.
    The London establishment fails on several of these tests which in my view makes it not fit for purpose in a 21st century community.
    Thank goodness for the internet which allows for some check on their activities.