Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Down Days ...

The problem with writing a 'commentary' style blog is there are days where there is nothing much worth commentating on.

Today has seen big headlines about how Ed Milliband sees himself as one of Thatcher's children who will impose Thatcher like discipline on the UK - austerity is here to stay, benefits will be hacked further, NHS England's privatisation will go ahead. Excuse me if I ask - so what's new?

Cameron and his mob have been shown to be a total wash out, as Tory heartlands in the 'Home Counties' are washed away due to serial incompetence by UK Government dictat after three decades of neo-liberal fiscal policies and the rush to build on flood plains in the SE.

Then there is the silence of the Cleggs.

English Journalists are starting to write about London sucking the rest of the UK dry of finance for the benefit of a few. Some slowly starting to say the unsay-able - independence could well be good for Scotland.

Barclays paying out even bigger City of London bonuses for a worse profit performance in their investment division, compared to last year.

In the meantime we will end up paying more for our home buildings insurance as the companies adjust their rates to soften their heavy losses this Thames Valley flooding will bring.

The sad thing is there will still be Scots who will think being part of all this is far better than running our own country, in spite of the clear objective evidence they are a total bunch of Wallies at Westminster, who can not find their own arses with both hands and a GPS.

In the meantime we have our government at Holyrood looking forward, creating the basis for forward looking high value engineering needed in the 21st Century, planning how to meet its obligations to reduce CO2 emissions further by promoting the development of one of the biggest pump storage schemes in Europe and helping fund Europe's biggest tidal energy test and development centres. All in spite of Westminster inspired National Grid transmission charges and policies designed to undermine the commercial development of wind and tidal reusables.

Down Days .... indeed.

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