Thursday, 28 August 2014

Comment is free; but, in the Guardian, the facts are maleable

Comment is free?

Except when you point up the British Establishment's cover up of paedophillia within its own ranks - then the Guardian does a runner.

Maybe it is time the journalists at the Guardian started digging deeper into the spate of paedophillia claims across England and Wales involving members of the British Establishment who are still alive rather than only reporting on those that are dead.

It is clearly some sort of misfortune that the paedophile ring claims involve a line of towns in South Yorkshire from Rochdale via Rotherham / Doncaster to Scarborough. Clearly there is no link here, no link at all - except possibly in Saville, Cyril Smith and the rest of their sordid little group .....

Honest Guardian readers Rotherham is a 'one off'  ..... (shush up about the peadophile rings in Wiltshire, North Wales, London and elsewhere we know about ...... don't you go bothering your little heads) - it is just Rotherham, all on its own, that's the problem.

It is a pity it is now left to citizens to do the work, journalists in the old Manchester Guardian would not have baulked at - the Guardian is now part of the paedophile problem with its cover up attempts to shield Ed Miliband in his Doncaster Constituency from the potential fall out similar to the outrage John Smith suffered from his Monkland's CLP back room deals scandal.

Falling sales at the Guardian?  That will be due to your deliberate misinformation policy on the British Establishment's behalf - everything from Labour's Welfare Reform plans (doing the same as the Tories), NHS England (doing the same as the Tories) Public Service cuts of £25 billion (same as the Tories) and Scottish Independence (we are all as one Tories on that one).

I know you will not publish this post on 'Comment is Free' because you do not want to ask the question about why this ring in Rotherham and Doncaster operated with the full knowledge of Child Protection officials in Rotherham and Doncaster and the South Yorkshire Police Commissioner, for so long, and the inevitable implication that someone in the two Labour Councils or even the police was getting a kick back to keep it off the radar - especially when the elected South Yorkshire Police Commissioner had been made aware of what was going on as far back as 1999 when working as a Child Protection Officer for Rotherham Council and did nothing.

By seeking to protect potentially bent council officials, police and politicians in Rotherham and Doncaster you are colluding and abetting the cover up of a crime as bad as that of the actual procurers. The paedophile ring work force may have been put in jail but the real people behind this sordid ring are walking about knowing they are untouchable, the people who paid for their 'pleasure'. So a few Asians are in jail  for 12 years or so - plenty more to do our dirty work where they came from.

Surely that makes your skin crawl Mr Guardian Editor, 1400 abused children in Rochdale and Doncaster alone, or do we get more 'Mock Turtle' tears when the next child abuse / paedophile ring story hits your front page?

Remember the rest of the statement, Mr Guardian Editor, which comes after 'Comment is free?'

'The facts are sacred'.

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  1. It's "paedophilia", Peter. (Or more correctly, pederasty.)

    The Americans leave the a out anyway. Leave it out rather than putting it in the wrong place, I'd say.