Friday, 29 August 2014

Egging the Pudding

In some Asian countries the assassination of political candidates during election periods is the norm.

In many South American countries violent riots which burn down chunks of cities are derigeur.

In Africa candidates get bits lopped off by machete when they annoy the 'wrong folk' or disappeared and fed to crocodiles in one party state 'democracies' like Zimbabwe.

Poor Little Jim has merely had to stand up to folk heckling him (some rather repetitively and unoriginally to be honest) or calling him names (poor lambikins) and it appears the violent ova attack on the High Street of the Lang Toun was what finally egged the pudding - so to speak - and made him run home to the bosom of John Smith House.

If folk in Labour strongholds like Kirkcaldy are reduced to throwing eggs to get their message across to Labour politicians, what does that actually say about the Labour Party?

It is the sort of question grown up journalists would ask rather than the current rush to sooth Little Jim's heated brow and protect little diddums from the nasty general public who, with a certain amount of probity, call him a black affronted liar and a political parasite.

What is not to like about Little Jim?

When 120 of his constituents at Ferguson's are getting laid off and the yard closed, rather than rush to enter into discussions to save their jobs, Little Jim slags off Alex Salmond and the SNP. The same Alex Salmond and SNP Government who then helps Clyde Blowers to buy the yard as preferred bidders and are looking to work alongside to begin a rival in Clyde shipbuilding - not only to save the 120 jobs but to create more in the medium to long term. This left Little Jim with egg on his face - but of course the MSM did not follow up on this story either.

Little Jim is blind to Newtonian Physics and has never understood for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction - push the people and they push back, hector the people and they hector back, shout abuse at them and guess what?

Yes - they abuse you back, they call you names but, wee boy, you started it.

Little Jim is like all bullies, a total pudding when confronted with real, organised opposition and always looking for a chance to do a runner, call it a tactical retreat while blaming everyone else for them running away, as they do so. Currently he is hiding under the equivalent of his Mummy's petticoats (the UK MSM) saying he will not come out until he gets his own way, the political variant of 'It's ma ba', we're playing by ma rules'.

Sorry Little Jim, the other kids in the close have had enough of your hectoring and bullying - time to play our game, our way or stay sucking your thumb in yer Mammy's hoose, ye great, big, bubbly bairn.

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