Wednesday, 6 August 2014

How was it for you?

Well the big debate came and went, the two sides claimed their man won and yet what was actually achieved beyond the kettle calling the pot black?


Nope, not a dicky.

I have a very simple view on the whole subject which is this debate is far too important to be left to the media and 'here today gone tomorrow politicians'.

If we are going to succeed in getting our nation back it must be achieved in spite of politicians. The result will reflect our, as the people of Scotland's considered will and not the' gift' of any politician no matter how well meaning they may appear to be.

Just saying!

Sorry about the light pink - my desk top was U/S and I blogged using a mini-tablet.

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  1. Peter the typeface is red and is very difficult to read, actually it is more of a light pink.