Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Feel the fear .....

It must be Wednesday .... I can never get the hang of Wednesdays; what with all this love / hate bombing of us Scots - it is really messing with my head.

On one side you have the Dan Snow's of this world pleading for us not to go, stay with the Union, you are appreciated, honest. On the other side you have the threats of impending doom from the London briefed media about how Scots will be made to suffer whether we vote 'Yes' or 'No' by the all English 'public' on the basis of a 1100 people survey sample carried out by Cardiff University.

I can not be arsed to calculate what proportion of England's 68 million inhabitants this 1100 person sample reflects but I suggest it is very small, nay teenie-tiny to the point of an insignificant percentage. Yet the Torygraph and Mr Kettle in the Gruniad are busily waving this shroud of vengeance as if it had some basis in fact rather than the wilder edges of their own insanity and febrile hatred.

Outside of the Westminster Disnae (or is that Dinnae) dae thit theme park of London we are lead to believe that most folk outside of the lunatic right are actually that bothered. Get away from the scratched record or damaged DVD of 'The Scots are subsidised by us English' and the view seems to be between 'So what?' and 'Good luck to them I wish we could go with them.' forms of extreme English view point hardly the same as the threats of retribution and destruction being thrown around in the UK media.

It seems the 'Scots are going to rip lumps out of each other after a Yes vote' tack has gone the same way as most Better Together spin - into the same black hole within which Joanne Lamont now is trapped on the edge of the event horizon and from the observer's view point going nowhere very fast but looking very blue while she thinks she is still shifting into the red. Thus after Dan Snow was laughed off the stage, quickly followed by the civil war in Scotland tack we now have the same scare of incipient violence recast as, 'The English are going to rip lumps out of the Scots in a fit of jealous rage if they dare vote, full stop, we English do not care what the result is, you Scots are getting it.' instead.

Excuse me if I suggest, just maybe, the mixed messages via the London media are not working as on the one hand you have the good Old Keystone Cops while on the other side you have the nasty Gestapo from the fantasy movie Iron Fist. A Gestapo so evil and right wing they would have to kill off  all the good old Keystone Cop Liberals before even considering thinking about taking on the Scots and invading on the excuse they needed lebenstraum.

This is up there with Labour's spin this week seeking to convince us Scots that Goggsie Brown and Alistair 'Crystal Tips' Darling are the best of chums, honest, bygones are bye, bye gone, they love each other to bits, no really they do, always have, the last ten plus years of knifing each other in the back was all just a bit of fun, a joke ..... aye - like mixing nitro and glycerine but with even lower levels of stability on the slightest friction.

The only way I can explain this current approach from the Better Together Campaign is to suggest they want us to feel their fear and are trying to get us Scots to understand just how shit scared they are, empathise with them and show them a little compassion.

Labour and the Better Together Campaign are now past the point of compassion. Trying the Goggsie Broon and 'Crystal Tips' are the best of pals pushed them past the pale. I'm thinking of grassing the pair to the Better Together Tory Gestapo (Leader: Boris Notguidinov Verwestminster), in the hopes the pair of them will be put up against the wall for desertion and cowardice in the face of the Scottish electorate - you can but dream ...... maybe Boris could try out his water canon on them - a bit of brainwashing, if you will.

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  1. As always Peter,the English establishment and their press have decided that our referendum is too important to be left up to us Picts to decide on our own.
    It seems to be coming down to whether your identity is Scottish or British/English and there is no doubt about how the New Labour/Tory politicians see themselves
    The last of the British imperialists, praise the Lord.