Saturday, 30 August 2014

Salmond must go, says NO!

After Trump's tantrum over not getting his own way over his grandiose plans at Aberdeen and claiming he would never invest in Scotland ever, ever, ever again: his business has just bought Turnberry Golf Course and Hotel - one of the most famous of British Open links courses. The Brit Nats now have to decide whether this is a disaster for Wee Eck (Trump ignores Wee Eck and invests in Scotland anyway) or very grudgingly report another success for the Scottish Government's program for encouraging overseas investment in Scotland?

The 'People of Britain' have not a clue how Salmond behaves, the people of Scotland do. This is why Labour heavily lost the election to Holyrood in 2011. The Gruniad and other knowledgeable London papers, who claim to know what the 'People of Britain' are 'thinking', stated Labour were a shoe in for Holyrood in 2011 which, in turn, only goes to show what the 'People of Britain' know about Scottish politics.

Where were Cameron or Miliband during Labour's internal, party political, feud between Murphy and Unite which triggered the problems at INEOS in Grangemouth (while the Scottish Government stepped in, banged heads together and saved the day)?

Ferguson's is another example: while Murphy was getting headlines in the London media over 'this being a disaster for Scotland, caused by the referendum!' the Scottish Government only went and helped find a buyer with a plan to save the threatened 120 jobs and who is seeking to re-expand Clyde Ship building operations in the medium to long term.

It is a pity this 'bad behaviour' is not repeated by Mr Cameron and his Government, then just maybe the UK would not be in such a mess, wedded to a failed economic model of printing money and calling it austerity which is reducing the UK to a wasteland.

Murphy has gone into hiding because Scots by and large are not eggstatic with his message we are stupid to vote Yes. Cameron's 'We love you Scotland but we love your oil and gas revenues even more.' speech disappeared  under a telling off by the CBI and a Tory desertion to UKIP. Darling was humped on the BBC Big Debate in most of Scotland's eyes (though not the People of Britain's), left - tellingly - slumped over his lectern at the end;
as he realised his slip on the BBC Big Debate had conceded rUK can not stop Scotland using Sterling and, in turn, taken out the last rotten prop of their propaganda efforts. The EU has made clear Scotland will negotiate as part of an existing member - just as rUK will have to.

In a week where William Hill's announced, in Scotland, 79% of the bets they are taking are for a Yes vote in their shops and online.

Where even YouGov can no longer hide the tide is with the Yes Campaign and more and more polls are now showing it is too close to call while door to door canvasing is showing a big swing to Yes by double digits.

The two big props of the No Campaign have been knocked away and now the Tory's tame Scot at the Scottish Office is hinting he is doing a runner on a Yes vote, leaving NO with those
two inspiring champions of the UK, those 'Scotch' big hitters, Margaret Curran and Dougie Alexander, banging the drum for their own self preservation.

All that is left for the No Campaign is to be in denial.

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