Monday, 11 August 2014

ISIS - the Islamic Ebola?

ISIS (the Islamic State of the Levant and Syria) was initially funded by Saudi Arabia as a way of destabilizing Iran and Syria by placing fundamentalist Wahhabi / Sunni Islam on Syria and Iran's borders with the aim of driving thousands of Shia refugees from Iraq into Iran. ISIS was also supposed to be a message to Russia of the fundamentalist Islamic mayhem heading their way if they tried to prevent the collapse of Assad's Syria by direct intervention. 

The idea must have been that Riyadh would become the capital, with Mecca as the religious centre of this new, unified, Sunni Islamic state. An Islamic State of a size and scope not seen since the days of Salahudin in the 13th Century. A state which would bring religious settlement to the Middle East and allow the State of Israel to remain. Clearly Saudi Arabia would not have done any of this with out the nod from the White House, Pentagon and support from the CIA.

The indications are that Egypt and Saudi Arabia agreed some sort of quid pro quo with Israel to allow them to 'cleanse' greater Israel of Hammas. This includes the removal of Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza by forced Jewish settlement expansion, funded by by US Zionist Organisations. There is evidence from the USA of young Jews being offered sizable financial incentives to settle in Israel on the newly reclaimed West Bank. 

Economically the removal of Palestinian Gaza simplifies the carving up of the oil and gas fields in the Levantine Basin between Egypt and Israel and opens the way to a joint USA / Egyptian / Israeli development of the field. The election of a fundamentalist president in Egypt threatened this plan so he was removed by the Egyptian military which also goes some way towards explaining the silence across the Sunni Islamic world about the current genocide happening in Gaza. To intervene in Gaza is not in Saudi or Egyptian interests and therefore not in Sunni Islam's best interests.

All this was going along fine until ISIS decided it did not wish nor need Saudi backing anymore, partly triggered by the Saudi's failure to get active military intervention in Syria by Saudi's USA and UK allies. As a result ISIS stopped activity in Syria, made some sort of cease fire deal with Assad and went for the softer target - Iraq. ISIS is also now on the Saudi Borders and is a direct threat to the Saudi Royal Family as it sucks in Saudi dissenters to the current regime, prior to beginning its insurgency.

This is why this creation of Israel, Egypt and Saudi (with the nod from the White House via the Pentagon and CIA) has suddenly become the the enemy, ISIS is out of control and on its way, if not stopped, to consuming the very states that set it to work.

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  1. Why can't US, Israel & UK learn their meddling always backfires. Instead of spending $squillions on murder, disharmony/hatred in middle east just to get their mucky paws on oil they. could use it to fund greener /cleaner energy. I despair I really do