Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Cameron - has he any point?

Down in Tory 'Galloway' the reality is beginning to sink in - after cancelling their proposed 'gloat fests' in Castle Douglas and Dumfries - they are losing.

The cottars are revolting, the bonded labour are casting off their chains and the good burghers of Galloway are increasingly asking, 'Do they actually know their arse for the elbow?'

In other news:

Belted Galloways vandalise 'No Thanks' banners

Local police says all the accused are full of bull shit and blaming the Black Faced Sheep. The local polis inspector was quoted as saying, "Thon Belted Galloways have their denials off pat, as smooth as shit off a hot shovel. They some how got round the sheep hurdles which had been put in place. The Galloway's alibi is only sheep can clear sheep hurdles - it is a longstanding agreement between the Breed's Unions, a clear area of demarcation, adding there's none as fly as Black Faced Sheep."

A spoke sheep for the Black Faced said, 'It was outright racism on the Belted Galloway's part . They would nae have tried to put the blame on the Texel Liberation front , thon wooly minded bastards, cause they are aa pro EU and those groups often go 'Dutch'. Nah, it is always us Black Sheep thit get the blame - not thae incomers. Is fir thon feral goats and Lamas .. this black leggin' baahstards ... ', at which point the sheep's representative ate the recorder and my scarf in an attempt to ram the point home.

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