Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Guardian on 'Freedom of Speech'!

Maybe the Guardian Editor can explain away his paper's ludicrously uninformed coverage of the Scottish referendum while peddling Better Together press releases as 'fact' via the pen of Mr Carrel.

It may just all be down to 'ignorance' as, after all, the British Establishment consider Scotland as a 'minor North British entity' according to Lord Robertson of Port Ellen - he of the 'Devolution will kill the SNP stone dead' presumption. Then there is the disappearing Scotsman article which reported voter rejection of Lamont's and her party on the doorsteps of Govan - a once Labour stronghold.

The UK Press could be free at a stroke - they only need to stop allowing themselves to be bottle fed by failed politicians at Westminster, as the start point.

Why not start accurately covering of the marches and protests going on across England against Ian Duncan-Smith's 'Welfare Reforms' which Labour's Rachel Reeves is committed to continue with or Mr Hunt's privatisation of NHS England which is the end result of 'NHS reforms' started by Blair's Labour Governments.

Where are Guardian's protests about the failure to exempt NHS England from TTIP?

When is the Guardian going to challenge the totally rubbish claims that England can not afford its NHS while ironically wittering about the need to spend on a £100 billion+ Trident replacement?

Where is the coverage of the real problem ahead for Sterling if there is no currency union agreed on a Yes vote on the 18th and the increasing trend of Sterling holdings being sold off by investors coupled with last week's continuing devaluation of Sterling against the dollar and other currencies?

Commentators from the New Economic Forum, Schroders and Bloomburg's (amongst others) are making clear that Sterling with out a currency union is just one shock away from collapse of which Scotland walking away from Sterling could be just one of many.

The Manchester Guardian would not have been so precious about Labour's right wing drift nor failed to defend the two vital Labour reforms which made the biggest changes to UK social welfare in the 20th Century.

I say again, the UK press is free - if it will only break the ties to Westminster's apron strings and think for itself once more.

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