Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Let the fun begin ..

How bitter are the Tory MP's, like Mr Chope, going to be when they wake to find they will have to be elected to the recalled English Parliament fairly soon?

Especially those who have UKIP snapping at their heels - to give the recalled English Parliament legal and constitutional legitimacy, without which it has no powers to negotiate the ending of the Treaty of Union. When the English Conservatives get to grips with this situation, just how long will Cameron fight off the 1922 Committee's request to fall on his sword, taking the odious Osborne with him?

"Cameron is gone, Arise King Boris!"

It is a matter of legal and constitutional record that in 1953 the UK Parliament conceded it could not be involved in negotiations relating to any changes or alterations to the Treaty of Union, only the two original sovereign parliaments or their successors could do this.

At some point in the next two weeks, after a Yes vote, all this will have to be resolved and England and Wales will go into an election with the choice of Miliband, Cameron, Farage or Clegg and their 'look a like' parties to storm this recalled parliament.

Parties who will have to convince a skeptical English electorate, in their campaigns, to support the renewal of England and Wales membership of the EU, as one of two successor states of the now defunct UK, argue round why a currency union now makes sense and why getting 'snippy' with the Scots and 'having their revenge'- as many of the No vote support in England, seem to wish - is not a very smart move, not smart at all.

We will also see an out of sorts English establishment, for the few and against the many, in serious difficulties, riven with internal wars, making the Borgia's look like sugar plum fairies, as nobody within Westminster takes responsibility for the mess they have made by breaking the UK Union on their political watch.

Will the real left of centre politic in England and Wales get off its butt and follow the success and structure of the 'Yes campaign' by creating a new, truly grassroots party with a common vision of the sort of England and Wales they wish to live in?

The next few months will reshape politics on the island of Great Britain - for the better. This will be reliant on the continuing engagement of the grassroots in Scotland and a real grassroots movement stirring in England and Wales, because their part of this 'Sceptered Isle' will still be broken and the old order will wish to rebuild it in their own image. After all that is the basic concept behind conservative thinking.

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