Monday, 15 September 2014

I heard it on the grate Vine ...

E-mail to the Jeremy Vine Show:

Mr Vine you are a disgrace, your weak attempt to generate ‘hatred’ where none actually exists epitomises how low the BBC have now sunk in their churn of UK Unionist propaganda.

An ex-colleague now working for Channel 4 said he was glad he was out of the BBC because he has not seen the BBC churn so much propaganda since the Iraq War.

Last night another of your BBC Scotland colleagues, on the Big Debate, pointed out how Nick Robinson and the Tories were telling porkies about the early release of market critical information on the RBS. Yesterday on BBC 4 Mr Peston pointed the finger at Mr Robinson for the error in releasing the information early.

Over the weekend there were Yes rallies all across Scotland – where was the hatred or violence? On Saturday the bigots of the Orange Order, who are supporters of the ‘Union’ marched through Edinburgh to massive indifference but no violence.

Tomorrow I will be being play golf, at an outing, with a load of my friends many of whom are dyed in the wool Tories voting No .... how does your theory of violence and tension within Scotland work here?

The only violence Police Scotland have recorded is from ‘No’ supporters on Yes canvassers, likewise nearly all the acts of vandalism have been perpetrated by the ‘No’ side.

You are simply trying to stir the shit - even after Police Scotland have asked both sides (including the media and politicians) to refrain from potentially inflammatory statements.

Scotland is a different place now, your views are blinkered neither, Cameron’s attempts to get involved in a war or your pathetic attempt to incite violence will alter the increasing reality – the UK Union is dead.

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