Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Will they: won't they join the dance?

The BBC Scotland has now conceded the violence on a Glasgow Street at the weekend was perpetrated by a No Campaigner and the previously claimed angry exchanges were in fact bystanders and a couple of blokes from the Yes stall, nearby, who detained the Better Together campaigner until the police arrived, while it turns out Murphy got egged by an ex-Labour activist who had a grudge against Murphy - nothing to do with the Yes Campaign at all.

Alistair Darling - after the PR disaster of the Patronising Woman TV advert - has caused another backlash with today's billboard release in Greenock which basically says if you vote 'Yes' you hate your children (another big bonus for the Yes campaign from the Tories publicity machine).

'Call me Dave' will not be showing his face in Scotland anytime soon after the Scots laughed their socks off at the telling off on the EU he got from the CBI in Glasgow on the same day Mr Carswell walked to UKIP, explaining exactly why he was doing so; weak leadership, no direction ,run by a small, self selecting elite who listen only to themselves .... (sounds just like Better Together as well). Dave - will you; won't you, join the dance?

Tonight Lord Forsyth, gibbering away on Radio 4's PM program, as good as said it is all Labour's fault the Union may well come to end because, 'They have lost control over their voters.' In other words Lord Forsyth has sussed this time around the usually blindfold wearing Labour vote in Scotland will not tag its 'X' onto the Labour donkey's tail as over a third have actually pulled off their blindfolds and do not like the look of this Better Together donkey as it is lead by the nose by its Tory handler.

Over in Telegraph land this blog asks some serious question of the Better Together campaign's tactics, leadership and self constructed shroud of victim-hood. It as if only when YouGov could no longer hide the growing trend towards Yes with its manipulation of data, as Survation described it - to you and me it is called fixing the results, only then with an 8% swing to Yes, is at least one person in Telegraph Towers finally wakening up to reality - No is not the dead certain result they have been presuming all along.

Luckily for the Yes Campaign, it appears the actual Better Together campaign remains in denial, seeking to twist its words so black becomes the new white as Margaret Curran's words of wisdom made so clear or Alisdair Darling seeking to get us to believe that London really does care about Scotland and that Scottish patriotism is bad (Boo! Nasty Gnat separatists) but his British patriotism is just fine and dandy (Hoorah, super, bang-on, a real whizz, wear your Union flag boxers with pride).

Anyone else see the weakness in Alisdair's / Better Together's argument?


  1. Peter,

    Do you have links to the BBC climbdown or to it being an ex-Labour activist?

    I'd have thought it would be all over the place, but, apart from here there is nothing.

  2. The buggers have dumped the 'revised story' from the web site .... how surprising...