Saturday, 20 September 2014

Oh No! ..... They lied to us .... already

Within 24 hours Brown's promises made in his self acclaimed 'speech in his own life time' are dust.  He is now telling everyone, who will listen, how he saved the Union in much the same way as he saved the banks, brought peace to the Middle East all in his own Walter Mitty land of Gogg's Broon ...

Milliband has now stated he has more important things to do than Devo-max (such as sell off the NHS in England, run down the Welfare system, make more UK citizens homeless, reduce more UK citizens to poverty and starvation and improve the profit margins of the US TTIP benefactors).

While Cameron has basically said - what promise? Gordon never asked me .... Oh! The vow thing ... you did not take that seriously, it was printed on yesterday's chip wrapper ... no way that's going to happen .... my England Tory-UKIP MP's would flay me alive if I agreed to what Gordon had 'promised'.

In the meantime, so far over this weekend, the SNP membership has risen by another 5,000 new members.

This is not finished, the 'Yes Campaign' is not going away. It is going to see the birth of a new political movement of the left which will squeeze Labour out of Scotland and inspire the Radical English to rediscover their voice once again, much as Hardy, Maxton and MacLean did in the early days of the 20th Century.

The reason for the continuing support is simple - the real problem, a London centric UK Parliament, which remains unreformed and continues with its self interested policies of greed and division. Policies only benefiting the 'elite' of which they presume they are part, as they rob UK taxpayers of millions in illegal expenses, UK publicly owned and paid for services and award themselves offensive pay rises while taking 'consultancy' back handers left, right and centre from the companies making a fortune having been sold the services for a 'song'.

In the meantime, the left and radicals in England cried 'Scotland please do not go and leave us with an eternity of Conservative Governments'.

We Scots currently are not going anywhere but need to ask the left and radicals in England:

  1. 'Why do you continue to vote for a minime Tory Party masquerading as Labour?'
  2. 'What are you going to do about it?'
Beyond your ineffectual, hand wringing gestures of inadequacy and cries of we have no one else, we just hope Labour will change once they get back in power, I mean, they have sort of promised this is what they are going to do.

All the while UKIP suck up electorate in England, electorate looking for an alternative to the moribund wasteland of the current UK parties in England, into their dystopian vision of an UK which hates foreigners - especially bloody meddling Europeans - and blames immigrants for all true Brits ills from unemployment to their inability to get a NHS Dentist in England (Whose NHS dentists are, ironically, increasingly immigrants recruited from the old Russian Eastern Europe - exactly the sort of immigrants UKIP says it really, really hates.).

The people of Scotland have decided - now we want to cash in on all the 'promises' that have been made if we voted 'No'. The promises on Devo-max which Miliband and Cameron are already claiming they never made .... and the promises English left and radicals made about changing the UK's political structures.

Wait - I thought I just heard a squadron of flying pigs, in formation, over my home .... or maybe it is the wailing of North Britons who are now waking up to what they have actually done.

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