Friday, 6 March 2015

A dose of the Squitters ...

They really have an acute dose of SNP induced squitters at the Telegraph and the Daily Mail.

The SNP as the majority party from Scotland, after May, puts a massive spanner into their London centric world because neither of the two 'main' parties will be able to claim they represent the 'considered will of the people of Scotland' at Westminster, basically handing the SNP a veto on any bill that has an impact on Scotland or the ability to delay the bill until such time as it conforms to the people of Scotland's wishes.

It is not so much Scotland running England but Scotland (via the SNP) having the control over the powers the 1707 Treaty of Union designated to Scotland as a partner nation in the UK Parliamentary Union. This includes the power to hold in abeyance bills of the UK Parliament becoming law which are detrimental to Scotland or are opposed by the 'considered will of the people of Scotland'. This ability to veto or delay bills, prior to the 1998 Scotland Act, was a power of the Secretary of State for Scotland as it was their responsibility to ensure UK Bills were not contrary to the 'considered will of the people of Scotland', Scots Law or constitutional practice. It was this entitlement to 'speak for Scotland at Westminster', amongst other executive powers held by the old Secretary of State for Scotland, which lead Micheal Forsyth, Baron Forsyth of Drumlean as now is, to declare the Secretary of State for Scotland position was akin to being 'Scottish Viceroy' in all but name.

An interesting constitutional argument to consider:

No matter whether the Tories or Labour form the UK Government after May 2015, Trident Mk2 could be on the rocks unless they move the weapons, missiles and submarines out of Scotland simply because it is the 'considered will of the people of Scotland' not to have Trident Mk 2 in Scotland. A majority SNP cadre at Westminster would potentially hold a legitimate veto on any deployment of Trident Mk2, the new MIRV's and the new ballistic submarines to Scotland under the current constitutional settlement.

The increasing panic coming from Westminster is probably due to, somewhere in its bowels, some parliamentary researcher looking into the constitutional impact of a majority SNP cadre from Scotland, pointing this, potential negative impact on Westminster's current ability to side line and ignore Scotland, out.

This also makes more sense of the increasing kite flying of the idea of a 'grand coalition' between Labour and the Tories. It sounds like a beezer idea but this 'grand coalition' will still not resolve the potential constitutional problem of the SNP, as the majority party from Scotland, representing the 'considered will of the people of Scotland' at Westminster and the potential to veto or delay UK Bills which goes with it.

With a SNP majority the post of Secretary of State for Scotland is rendered redundant in all respects when coupled with the impact of the 1998 Scotland Act returning most of the post's powers to Holyrood. Just who could a future Labour Government put up as 'Secretary of State for Scotland?

Willie Bain or Jim Murphy .... as these are Labour's most likely surviving duo on current voting trends as Labour nears panda like levels of presence in Scotland. The Conservatives would be reduced to promoting a Scot in an English seat to the position, even if 'Fluffy' manages to hold on in Scotland, or persuading Libdem Carmichael, the bumbler from the Northern Isles, to stay on. None of these seat fillers would hold much respect in Scotland and if Miliband is really that cheesed of with Murphy can anyone really consider Willie Bain as a suitable candidate?

All in all - a majority SNP cadre at Westminster could see the wheels coming off the current cozy arrangements at Westminster between Labour and the Conservatives with their 'Buggins turns' in and out of 10 Downing Street, to the benefit of UK democracy as a whole.

Whether John 'Grey' Major or Mad Max Hastings likes it, a SNP majority in Westminster changes the UK Game of Politics, turning the current perceived norms of the UK's unwritten constitution on their heads. No wonder the pair of them are suffering from severe cases of 'Malaise Ecossaise' which presents as a load of anti-Scottish, verbal diarrhea (aka 'the squitters') which sadly appears endemic in English politics and the London media.


  1. Well said Peter.
    Apart from the mechanics of government,the main effect of a SNP Scottish majority at Westminster will be to alter the perception that many Scots hold.
    If the London based parties are seen to obstruct the SNP then Scots will see clearly that Westminster is England's parliament and is not there to serve Scotland's interests which will inevitably lead to calls for another referendum.
    Personally,I don't think they would be stupid enough to follow the advice being handed out by HM press but you never know?
    Thanks Peter?