Thursday, 19 March 2015

Scottish Labour's Lost Deposit

(with apologies to the late Matt McGinn, his estate and his numerous fans)

Oh the streets o' the toon were aa covert aroon'
Wi stuff that's jist soft an' all gouden an' broon.
It wis pit thir, o' course, by a New Labour horse
An' its name it wis ca'd; manura manya.

Oh manura manya,
Oh manura manya,
Oh manura, manura,
Manura manya.

Well the stink got aroon tae the fowk o' the toon

Tho' gouden, it wisnae yat much o' a boon.
So Jim Murphy came doon wi' a shovel an broom

To clear awa aa the manura manya.


Wi much bluster an' fuss he tak'd up his brush
Tae clear his way hame sae he'd na miss his bus.
The mair he did sweep, the bigger the heap
An' soon he wis lost in manura manya


The mair he did shovel, the mair did he grovel
As endless amounts were still doon in the bowels.
As his heid disappeared his last wurds wir
then heard,
"I'm up tae ma neck in manura manya"


The moral of course is watch oot fir thon horse

Which spreads oot its load as a matter of course.
It is sad to relate that Jim Murphy's dire fate

Is tae Labour richt deep in manura manya.


Original lyrics: Manura Manya , Matt McGinn

Youtube Performance of Manura Manya.

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