Tuesday, 24 March 2015

'English Greens', vote yer 'English Greens' ....

I was over on the Huffington Post's 'Miliband is an electoral liability' thread and did a thought experiment as a result of reading what was written in the articles and the content as follows:

According to Prof Curtice the recent poll of polls could see Labour only holding just two seats in Scotland after the 8th May. Ashcroft's most recent Scottish constituency poll review is suggesting a Labour wipe out - apparently both unionist parties are losing vote share to the SNP in constituencies which voted 'No' in September 2014.

The current thinking is Labour will be lucky to have more MPs than Pandas in Edinburgh Zoo and 'Fluffy' Mundell will not hold onto the Tory's last seat in Scotland, even if they nail him to his perch and put 40,000 volts through him. The Libdems will just hold onto the Northern Isles but are otherwise dead on the Scottish mainland.

The electoral calculation appears simple: if Miliband does not do a deal with the SNP he lets the Tories back in for another term, proving further to the Scottish electorate the truth of,  Vote Labour; get Tories anyway.

The problem in the woodpile in England is; 'What if all the 40+% disenfranchised voters, who are not going to be bothered to vote, because nothing will change, no matter how they vote, vote Green?'

40+% of the English electorate could create a massive change if the Greens can get them to the polling booths.

My friends in England are angry, not with the Scots, the SNP nor Barnett but because there is no real choice to the LABCON binary system of politics. UKIP are seen as just a Tory satellite group for their militant wing and the Libdems are finished. Many wish a left of centre party was standing in England reflecting the SNP's culture and policies. If the Green's have any political nonce they will drift rapidly more towards the centre, kicking some of their more ideological driven, Marxist policies into the long grass, policies which are not that appealing even to left leaning Scots, let alone the bulk of just right of centre, conservative England.

Six weeks could see a more pragmatic 'English Green Party' with less left wing and a more left of centre, social democrat set of policies, move from a minority voice of protest in England, into a serious electoral problem for the main parties in Westminster and Miliband's 'Blairite' Labour in particular.

The model for the English Greens is to take a lift out of the Yes campaign's on-line community and start Facebooking and tweeting, organise public rallies via dedicated pages, like old fashioned politics used to do, hold hands with the 'Save NHS England' and other single social issue electoral campaigns across England like the 'Black Triangle' movement and 'Keith Ordinary Guy' web site and followers. Crowd fund, as many SNP CPs are currently doing, taking inspiration from web sites such as Wings over Scotland.

After all 'English Greens' have nothing to lose but their deposits and everything to win as part of an anti-Trident, anti nuclear, pro-reusable power grouping, along with Plaid Cymru and the SNP at Westminster. If the British Establishment is kecking in their pants over 50 SNP MPs at Westminster, just what turmoil would the 50 SNP plus 50 or so Greens and Plaid cause them?


  1. I only hope that comes about, still many S of the border scared of voting Green so will vote as turkeys voting for xmas...argh! Not so in Scotland however...wl l except for a few like an older woman who came tearing down the path today when I was out delivering SNP leaflets, "take tat rubbish away!" She just seemed a bit of a fool to me.

    1. Hetty if I had caught sight of the unionist who stuck his poison through my door the other night I would have been stuffing it down his throat. Yes some of the Auld folk are quite silly. I suppose that is me too, hahahaha.

  2. Been saying for years now that England needs a Party which will do for them what the SNP have done for us. The Greens are the nearest thing they have, they should use it.