Monday, 23 March 2015

Mixed messages ...

I made the mistake of trying to follow Miliband's once a week appearance in Scotland to pretend his Labour party is not heading for a complete gubbing in Scotland - anyone understand a word he said or the point he was trying to make?

Today's Mirror carries the editorial line that Ed will be the next PM because he has the support of the SNP and other 'minority parties' to form the next UK Government, yet Ed said the SNP will not influence the budget or economic policies of a minority Labour Government in a 'pat ball' answer to a nice chap from the ITN.

Over at the The National, in the meantime, Mr Kernevan is raising the profile of the Queen's political fixer, an establishment man to his Glenalmond Old Boys tie who, Mr Kernevan suggests will ensure the UK Parliamentary result the British Establishment wants, his role in MI6 and past role dealing with genocidal Serbian leaders and generals amongst others who you would be happy to introduce to your old Nan - and I do not mean Peshwari.

My basic understanding of politics has me thinking if Labour form a minority government, reliant on 'minority parties', with out being flexible on such key areas of policy such as Labour's lemming like rush towards the austerity abyss then they will be powerless because with out the support of the Conservatives they will be unable to pass legislation in the Houses of Parliament.

It can not be beyond, though it probably is, the wit of Miliband's advisers to see how the reliance on the Conservative vote to pass legislation if the 'minority parties' are to have no influence on Labour policy and how this will look to the UK electorate: the ultimate vote Labour get Conservative policies. London's media may well cheer Miliband's cunning plan to the rafters but I do not see the UK electorate west of Bristol or north of the Watford Gap being at all impressed. The message coming from UK opinion polls is Labour needs to move away from its openly right wing politic of Blairism and 50+ SNP MPs will demonstrate to the UK electorate if Miliband is at all interested in swinging Labour back to at least the centre right of UK politics.

By stating he is not going to be swayed by the main block of 'minority MPs' he needs to get into power suggests Labour have learned nothing from the mess Brown made of his attempted coalition in 2010 and the visceral hatred of the SNP which still blinds Labour from the wishes of its core electorate in Scotland. Brown's series of poor decision making with regards to Scotland, blinded by his own fear and hatred of all things SNP, since 2007 have brought Labour to the edge of the electoral abyss where they teeter on the brink, hoping the gale which has blown them there may yet abate. Miliband could well do the same in England if he carries on with his stamped, petted foot tirades as he did in Scotland today.

The London media and the 'City' may applaud Miliband for 'putting Alex Salmond in his place' while under estimating Mr Salmond's actual role which is to keep the heat away from Ms Sturgeon while playing 'bad SNP' to Ms Sturgeon's 'good SNP' and keeping the Old Boy's Club and their media pals at Westminster, he knows well how to manipulate, running around like headless chickens, putting out the political fires they set going.

The current 'Jockistan tirades' - fanned by Lynton Crosby (for the Tories) and John McTernan (for Labour) - across the London media are a case in point, are on the verge of running out of control which, if they do, will hasten the end of the UK Union as rapidly as a Yes vote in September 2014 would have.

We Scots understand the British Establishment is 'kecking in its breeks' but it is time for them to address the reality, the UK Union is on borrowed time and sending out an evermore hysterical 'sweaty, lazy, drunken, susbsidy Jock' message is not the most sensible of policies in most circumstances but especially when the UK Union only held by a swing of 5% of the Scottish electorate. Hardly Cameron's 'smashing victory' for the UK Union, he predicted in 2012.

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  1. Spot on observation.

    I can't believe the hype and spin coming from london through SLAB reps especially as they can see the damage but won't do a thing to help themselves.

    Ah well. labour was born in Scotland and it's fair and proper that we Scots can dispose of the dead corpse. No one can trust them now. They are doomed to Thatchers party isolation .

    Roll on MAY and the biggest anti-Scottish tirade ever. Independence is coming one way or the other.