Tuesday, 17 March 2015

What the British Establishment thinks of Scotland ...

At the end of yesterday's piece I pondered what the response of the British Establishment and its media would be to Ms Sturgeon's speech. As Tuesday rushes towards its close we know the answer.

The Sun's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde editorial sums up the corner the British Establishment has now painted itself into:

In Scotland the Sun says:

"At least one thing is a certainty. Whatever happens on the 7th of May Scotland will be centre stage the day after and that can be good news for this country and Britain."

In England the Sun says:

"No party bent on destroying the UK, as the SNP is, can play any part in the UK's Government, even by propping up a minority government. It would be madness."

On Newsnight, on Monday, we had Mr Murphy continuing with the lie that to form the UK Government you have to be the biggest party. This being the same Mr Murphy who in 2010 stated even though Labour had fewer seats than the Conservatives they could still form the Government in coalition with other parties. The Libdems were ready to join with Labour until Gordon Brown took the huff and torpedoed the deal. A clear case of vote Labour get a Tory Government. 

It does not seem to have registered with Labour's falling legion in Scotland that once they pick up their P45's and redundancy package they will have no say in Labour's dealings with the SNP. Incredulously one Labour MP in Scotland has stated that he is only fighting the election to ensure he gets his redundancy package, he has already accepted the SNP will take his seat. Murphy will be finished given his claim but a few weeks ago the Labour's Scotch region, now under his command, would hold all their seats in Scotland, that is if he survives the electoral night of the long knives looming over Labour in Scotland. How can Murphy remain authoritative within Labour after such a disaster, let alone in the House of Commons? Miliband will then have his revenge on Murphy, reducing him to a nowhere man; Murphy - the man who lost Scotland for Labour.

Over in the Mail Mac, the cartoonist, has Miliband stuck in Ms Sturgeon's cleavage uttering some chauvinistic banality, we can live in hope that Wednesday's Mac cartoon will have Mr Clegg peering out of the cheeks of Cameron's arse saying - "I'm still in the shit, aren't I."

In the meantime Massie in the New Stateman and Torrance in the Gruniad carry on their hyperbole over the SNP's intentions for Westminster just stopping short of, but hinting at, the SNP's intention to spit English babies on their "Claighmhor agus sgian dhu" while making their parents suffer endless torture via wall to wall 'Pebrochaid' bagpipe music.

So we are left with one of many elephants in the Westminster room which is if Miliband does not come to an agreement with the SNP soon after May the 9th, he lets another five years of Tory Government come to pass. Will Miliband make the same mistake as Brown and see the English end of the Labour Party go the same way as their Scottish end?

Will the British Establishment force the wrong call which will end the UK Parliamentary Union on another five years of a Conservative Government or will Miliband be told to form an alliance with the SNP? An alliance which will kick the supposed EU exit referendum into the long grass for another five years, to the detriment to the Conservative Party as UKIPism takes hold and the party rips itself in two. UKIP, as a party of protest in 'proper' England, does not seem to be working that well, after all.

Which ever decision it is, the British Establishment is now stuck between a rock and a hard place, a situation which can only get worse as evidence of the same establishment's cover up of peadophillia, within its membership and hangers on, comes inexorably into the light.

Maybe, with that thought in mind, an accommodation with the SNP will be the lesser of two evils.

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