Friday, 13 March 2015

Questionable Time .....

I have not watched the BBC program for at least a decade simply because it failed long ago in its primary purpose to get politicians to answer the general public's 'question of the day' in an open and honest manner.

Last night, around eleven pm, my Facebook page started lighting up with comments about whether Charles Kennedy was pished and did he even know what date it was. Then lady posters in outrage at the treatment of the lady from the Green Party followed by outright anger at an unsolicited attack on the potential landslide vote for the SNP in Scotland, how Scots electing their MPs by the FPTP system was now deemed undemocratic and unfair on England because they are not the MPs England thinks we should be voting for.

The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail picked up on the potential of Mr Kennedy being less than sober, the Gruniad had a piece on political misogyny within the British State but having trawled the news streams I can find not one single comment on the panel's attack on the people of Scotland's right to elect their representatives to Westminster as they see fit.

I do not know about you but I find this situation rather enlightening for what it is not saying and that is the entrenched view that Scotland has been subsumed by England so does not really matter except when the Scots will not do what the UK (aka English) Government tells the Scots to do. In this case vote Labour.

It is also notable that while the SNP is talking about policy which is not only of benefit to Scotland but the UK as a whole, the Unionist Parties have fallen back into Better Together mode and are increasingly re-fighting the referendum which, though you would not know it by their actions, they have already scraped a 'win'. Their only argument appears to be variations of, "You can not vote SNP because the SNP 'lost' in September 2014" while producing the same, now jaded, misinformation they have used for the two previous years as 'Better Together'.

In the background of the Unionist Parties' campaigning is a constant irritating whine generated by their 'Its just not fair, this was not meant to happen!' white noise engine. Meanwhile in England the same parties are in an deepening state of denial, as they are increasingly looking likely to be hoist on the petard of their beloved FPTP, and are resorting to shouting to an ever more empty echo:

"The Scots can not vote for the SNP and maybe send as many as 50 of these uncouth, bubonic plague carrying, 'See you Jimmy', ginger wig wearing heathens to the UK (aka English) Parliament, its undemocratic and unfair to England!"

Sadly the London centric media and Unionist Parties can not see the self defeating irony of their Op-Ed pieces and targeted 'leaks'.


  1. Everything that was said during the referendum by independence supporters about the nature of the "union" is now being exposed as the truth by the English establishment.
    Their only interest in Scotland is in what they can extract in the way of taxes and revenues (and of course a storage dump for their nuclear weapons),which is why they will fight tooth and nail to stop FFA.
    All the hysterical talk about coalitions with the SNP is just a smoke screen to cover this basic fact and the only pooling and sharing they are really interested in is the one which continues to allow Westminster to decide how much of our money we get back in the form of a "grant".
    What's wrong with Scots making a per capita contribution to "shared" services in an open and transparent manner but using our taxes and revenues to fund public services in the way we want to see them run?
    The "union" is about our money and nothing else.