Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Fear and Loathing in Westminster ...

The last seven days have revealed exactly what the British Establishment actually thinks about Scotland and it is not pretty.

Like many Scots I can not understand how a nation which was acclaimed as being so vital to the British State that it had to stay in the failed parliamentary union at Westminster in September 2014 is now viewed as a pariah state and painted in terms by the London media more akin to 'ISIS' than an equal, partner nation of the United Kingdom Parliamentary Union.

At the bottom of the media shit heap you have the tabloids describing the potential large number of SNP MP's as 'an invasion of ginger rats' in the Daily Star. The Sun is running a particularly ranting piece on Scotland's 'Barmy Army' with an accompanying sexist and misogynistic photo-shopped picture of Nicola Sturgeon. The Daily Mail, the Tory Ladies' paper, is foaming at the mouth with headlines referring to Enoch Powell's infamous 'Rivers of Blood' speech if the Scots are so churlish as to send a majority of SNP MPs to Westminster in May. The Daily Telegraph is shouting from the heights that it is undemocratic for the Scots to elect MPs who are not Tories or Labour and inflicting them on the English with out any self awareness of just how stupid, crass and undemocratic their editorial position is. You may have expected more sanity from the Guardian or Independent on the issue of democratically elected SNP MPs heading south in May after the UK general election but you will be severely disappointed.

Scots are long used to the BBC's Orwellian approach to Scottish politics and the Scottish people which can be summed up as four feet good (Westminster Unionist Parties), two feet bad (SNP) and have come to expect the daily rubbishing of SNP ministers and the SNP Scottish Government in its news and current affairs broadcasts. The BBC is now seen by many Scots as a 'State' rather than 'Public' broadcaster operating in much the same way as the Soviet era 'Pravda' seeking to shape the debate in favour of the 'big bosses in London'.

Contrary to the folk belief in many parts of England, Scots - as a whole - are not ginger, angry, violent, mean, short arsed, kilt wearing, humourless Celts. We have a great ability to laugh at ourselves and routinely respond with humour to aggressive and down right unpleasant attacks on our culture and politics. The current example is the number of SNP supporters and activists posting photographs of them wearing 'tin hats' in response to a misogynistic speech made by a Labour MP at their 'Scotch' conference in Edinburgh about the First Minister. In fact it is clear SNP supporters, in the vast majority, prefer using humour to deal with the incessant media assault on their integrity, as seen in the rapid number of 'politician in a pocket' memes which have erupted across Facebook and Twitter in response to the Tory Party's poster showing Ed Miliband in Alex Salmond's pocket.

This leaves one question - Why is there fear and loathing in Westminster for the Scots exerting their democratic right to choose who represents them at Westminster?

The answer most likely lies in what the SNP will inevitably uncover with respect to devolution, the activities of the Scottish Office since 1998 seeking to keep Scotland 'in check', rather than its core job of ensuring Scotland's best interests within the UK Government, and evidence to back the growing sense in Scotland there was electoral malfeasance practiced by the Better Together Campaign in the run up to the Referendum Vote. All this before the questions which will inevitably be asked by the SNP MPs regarding the UK Government's continuing cover up of peadophillic activities amongst MPs, Lords and Westminster Officials dating from Mrs Thatcher's premiership in the 1980's. Then there is the UK Government's failure to pursue tax avoiders - especially those they have then gone on to offer UK Government posts and sinecures to or handed out peerages to as a 'thank you' for a big fat donation to party funds. Finally there is the City of London banking subsidy, in the form of QE, which has done little for the UK economy but funded nice fat returns for bank shareholders and large bonuses for the 'management' which took them to the edge of the fiscal abyss in the first place.

Is this the main reason for the tide of excrement being poured over the SNP and its supporters by the London media at the behest of their political masters and their vested interest supporters as, after all, 50 SNP MPs out of 650 should not really be any threat to the British Establishment's superior position - should they?


  1. The Westminster unionist parties have turned what was a fairly muted democracy into an establishment for self gain, hypocrisy and corruption. To be frank the are shitting themselves that a politically aware and astute set of politicians who take their office seriously as doing THE BEST THEY CAN FOR THE COUNTRY will get one bit of influence. The same has been done with the Irish and the Welsh all being treated with the sneering disregard of "government" who are no longer interested in democracy. The Tories might form an alliance with Labour but the sole aim wouldn't be for the countries benefit it would be to keep the minorities in their place with no influence or say. The cause of democracy will be again be overridden this time in a manner which makes a mockery of "Parliament" and what it was purpose it was initially conceived to fill.

  2. My fear is that this concerted mob manipulation might be indicative of ground preparation for more sinister, anti-democratic measures 'they' are considering may become 'necessary' in the near future.

    We have to trust in the good sense and spirit of fair play in the English people themselves rather than the machine men who currently run the show.

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