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I'm not a daily blogger, life is too important to be stuck at a key board everyday trying to think up smart things to say or to couch yet more of the same old outrageous behaviour from UK politicians in satire and black humour. I only tend to blog when (I hope) I have something original to say about the state of the UK today and the gulf in the political position between Scotland and the failed UK Parliament at Westminster.

Having read and heard the puffing of UKIP as some political game changer or threat to UK Democracy - depending whether you side with the Torygraph or Gruniad headlines, respectively. There columnists either acclaim Farage's hutzpa, verve and daring or decry the lack of any substantial UKIP policies and the party's reliance on electoral disaffection to garner votes. UKIP is clearly a big issue for the Hampstead and Islington chattering classes but like much else that goes on beyond the M25 Orbital they have little knowledge and even less interest on why support for UKIP is on the rise in England; only when UKIP starts threatening their own cosy life will the sparks will fly; too little, too late. Much in the same way as the official and chattering classes of the Wiemar Republic thought they could manipulate and use Hitler and his National Socialists to their own end. In the same way UKIP will insidiously wend its way into English politics like the fungus which needs living flesh in which to thrive and grow until one day, 'Alien' like, it erupts out of the poor, now dead, political insect's body to spread its spores and contaminate its next set hapless victims.

The English council results, being announced today, are the first eruption of the 'Ripleyesque', alien fungal monster (which is UKIP) in English politics. This is an ever increasing, destructive, fungal infection of English liberties and freedoms which will take more than a dusting with foot powder to keep in check and certainly will now survive being blasted out of the airlock.

As for England's leading politicians their only response to UKIP is ..... just what?

For Cameron it is being described as a mid term 'blip', things will be back to normal by May's General Election in 2015. In Miliband's case the rise and rise of UKIP will be used as a stick to beat his inept stewardship of the New Blue Labour Party to a soggy pulp, a mush which will be rendered free of any trace of socialism. As for Clegg, he and his Liberal party are the first victims and now stand like mummified carapaces across English councils, their bodies eaten up by the UKIP fungus as its seeks to spread itself further across England, shedding its spores of racial hatred, scapegoating of the poor and sick and its message of ignorance ever wider and wider. Training the people of England to think in ever narrower ways, creating the conditions for UKIP to thrive on extremism and civil unrest until the 'real English' in England are reduced to believing only UKIP have the answers to their problems. The problem is the 'real English' will be racially, socially and religiously diverse reflecting the actual social fabric of England.

Here is the fundamental and ironic oxymoron for UKIP; their support comes from, in part, the very people who three or more generations were British Commonwealth immigrants, who arrived in the UK from the British colonies and dominions in the 1950's looking for their 'Britain', their England to give them the opportunity to thrive prosper. The very same Asian and African folk that Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' speech was designed to warn the white, proper English Yeomen and women about, in the late 1960's, the same groupings who are now part of today's English traditional electorate in most major cities and towns across the Midlands and SE England.

This leaves me with a burning question, just who gains from the rise and rise of UKIP?

The UKIP fungus does not discriminate between political groups, as the Conservatives and Labour are about to find out, so why has the British Establishment allowed this politically hazardous bio-contamination to be released in England?

As a Scot I can safely say the UKIP fungus is under containment in Scotland and unlikely to break out here anytime soon, if - in fact - ever. Scots, as a nation, appear to have a high level of immunity to the hubris used to compost UKIP's development and growth. UKIP in Scotland is likely to die out after the increasingly probable vote for independence in September 2014.

There are going to be inevitable political repercussions amongst the UK Main Parties who 'let this happen' from the English Electorate. The hostility from the right wing English electorate is likely to increase to fury pitch as the rUK negotiators concede on issues such as a currency union with the newly independent Scotland. Worse will happen if the Scots decide to tell the rUK negotiators to stick a Sterling currency union where the sun don't shine as they have a better plan. The loss of Trident is another blow for the English right wing, as is the need to hold a general election specifically to the new rUK Parliament - as has been pointed out by UK Constitutional expert Dr Nick Baker of Oxford University - so it can have legal and constitutional legitimacy to negotiate on behalf of the English, Welsh and Northern Irish electorate over the ending of the UK Parliamentary Union and the division of assets and liabilities. Is it likely that Cameron will be forced in to holding a 'snap election' to this new parliament in October / November 2014. Yet what does this mean with respect to the rapidly spreading UKIP fungal disease in terms of 'bums on seats' in the now rUK Houses of Parliament?

UKIP is a useful foil to deflect the English electorate from the failure of Westminster to plan for the eventuality which is a Yes vote in September 2014 and its impacts on the rUK economy. UKIP is a useful screen for the Tories to hide their increasingly failed policies on health, welfare and the UK economy - "Its UKIP what is making us Tories react this way Guv'nor, honest, we'd have protected the NHS in England like we promised but for these UKIP folk..."
UKIP are supposed to be a safety valve to allow Mr and Mrs Ordinary English Person to let off steam while maintaining the status quo for the British (aka English) Establishment.  UKIP are not meant to be taking over, just keeping the Tories 'honest' by way of UKIP's 'English xenophobic' stance and pronouncements on race and the EU.

What has actually happened, courtesy of the BBC and the London based media, is Farage and UKIP have built up too great a momentum, in England, to be checked anytime soon and are rapidly on their way to becoming the lunatics who are seeking to take over the rUK, Westminster asylum.

The British Establishment badly misjudged the situation in Scotland over independence. They are now in the process of doing the same with UKIP and losing their ability to control this political phenomenon. 

I feel for my many friends in England who detest the ever rightward drift of English politics and its destruction of the social and civic fabric they take pride in and believe in, just as much as we Scots. I also feel my English social democrat and socialist friends have much to blame themselves for in this situation through giving into a sense of despondency, apathy, powerlessness and uselessness. Waiting for Labour to be elected or even do anything to reverse the last 30 years of civic and social structural vandalism, carried out by successive Government's at Westminster on the people of this once united kingdom is akin to 'Waiting for Godot'.

Scotland has gone, the rise of UKIP in England has all but guaranteed this. Now what are the good folk on our southern border going to do about England's democratic deficit and collapsing society because UKIP is not the answer, simply part of the continuing problem?

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  1. Politics in England is,rightly so,about England.
    Unfortunately,politics in England also determine outcomes in Scotland.
    There is no point in social democrats in Scotland complaining about right wing governments at Westminster if they are not prepared to reject the present constitutional arrangements
    A No vote is a vote for future right wing governments elected by English votes.
    We are very definitely Not better together.
    Thanks Peter.