Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Just let the dust settle ...

So to many Scots disgust we have a UKIP MEP, everyone is looking for someone to blame for this calamity the truth is quite stark when you look at where UKIP picked up most of its votes; Glasgow, Edinburgh, North and South Lanarkshire.

My previous blog was about the use of sectarianism and its curse by the 'Better Together' side, a quick look at where UKIP posted its biggest votes suggests we saw the Orange Lodge in action on Thursday in the EU elections. The UKIP vote in Scotland, I propose, is the hard core unionist vote and it amounts on this occasion to 10% of those who voted (on a 30+% turnout) but only 3% of the registered electorate in Scotland.

I say this because in all the sound and fury of the MSM and BBC Scotland there is a need to take a deep breath and reflect on what the UKIP vote actually meant in Scotland. The three 'main parties' - SNP, Labour and Conservatives saw little change in their vote share either up or down. The only party which saw a big collapse in vote was the Libdems. You could argue that the increased Green vote let UKIP in at the SNP's expense but that is to miss the point. In the majority of the Scottish electorate's eyes this election was not important enough to bother about - to some extent it does not actually matter. UKIP were the best of the rest, but only just.

In England and Wales the UKIP vote is very significant with UKIP stealing vote share from all three 'main parties' and ending up with the largest vote share and the majority of EU seats.

I have read that the UKIP candidate is under investigation for being 'registered' at two addresses. According to UKIP his registered electoral address is Kensington SW1, according to the candidate his registered electoral address is in the Easter Road area of Edinburgh. A complaint has been made to Police Scotland and the Electoral Commission - I doubt it will amount to a hill of beans. In the end we will still end up with a Ukipper representing a Scotland which has left them behind and that to me and many like me, is offensive.

The best way to stop this nonsense is to ensure a Yes vote in September, this must remain our primary aim in spite of Better Together's attempts to make it about UKIP and the rest of their increasingly panicked lies.

Keep the heid, say naw tae nutters an' Aye tae Scotland.

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  1. Exactly, all we need to do is forget he exists,he is a wee drop of poison on the body politic but unlikely to kill us, he is more likely to persuade a few more onboard.