Saturday, 3 May 2014

Keep the Heid

Sometimes you just have to look at the world around you and shake your head in disbelief.

Whether it is the open denial that Israel is turning into a mirror of the German Nazi state that wiped out 6 million European Jews with its ever narrower definition of who is an Israeli, its ghettoisation policy towards the dispossessed Palestinians, the building of walls to hem the Palestinians into ever smaller areas, the removal of human rights or the frankly apartheid approach of the laws coming out of the Knesset with roads reserved just for 'settlers' in the West Bank. The lack of action against said 'settlers' when they burn down and bulldoze ancient Palestinian olive groves for the 'settlers' safety, to - ironically - create more lebensraum for increasingly right wing US Jewish settlers. Yet pro-Israeli commentators appear to be blind to the hatred within Palestinian hearts this is generating or the growing disgust towards the State of Israel and its inhumane acts that is increasingly prevalent across the EU. The State of Israel's only defence is to wave the tattered vest and pants of European antisemitism while missing the real point it is also European Jewish opinion that is moving against the Israeli State and its increasingly Zionist Politic. With out over $3 billion in US Federal aid each year and the regular charitable 'donations' from US Republican Jewish organisations, you are left wondering just what would happen if Obama or a future US President pulled the plug on USA funding. How long would the current Zionist Israeli state survive a Saudi funded Jihad?

Over in the Ukraine we are seeing the result of random border drawing where chunks of Russia were shifted hither and thither in response to political favours given and earned. It is on record that Kruschev gave over a chunk of Russia to the Soviet Republic of Ukraine as a 'thank you'. This was 'fine' while the gift was still within the USSR but now it is an ulcer. The history of the Great War for the 'Rodina' is still at play and Russian memories are long with regards to the ethnic Ukranian's betrayal, their welcoming of the Wermacht as a liberating army, the speed with which an ethnic Ukranian Waffen SS division was recruited and this SS Division's bloody resistance to Soviet Armies all the way to the fall of Berlin in 1945. In the background are the Ukranian police actions against Soviet sympathisers in German 'liberated' Ukraine between 1941 and 1944, the role of Ukranians in sending and guarding Soviet P.O.Ws in the death camps - these are more important than any number of deported Soviet Jews. This deep lying fracture line is where Putin is playing his dangerous game with the aim of returning Russian borders to where they were in 1952. Gazprom gas supply reduction to the Ukraine did not work, Putin's 'best pal' in the Ukraine was kicked out, having tried to murder his people into submission, by a revolt of the Ukrainian West. To regain Crimea and the lands lost by Kruschev's signature, force was all Putin had left and he applied it in the knowledge NATO would huff and puff but keep their hands firmly behind their backs knowing the mainly ethnic Russian eastern portion of Ukraine would line up behind Russia. The question is just how far will the West looking Ukrainians attempt to 'force' the ethnic Russians Putin has stirred up to remain in the Ukraine or agree, after recovering or attempting to recover the ethnic Russian area, to a return to pre-1952 borders.

When you look around the world we see violent ethnic divisions ripping people apart while politicians and vested interests pull the strings to ensure tension and violence remain heightened.

Within the context of the Scottish Independence referendum it appears increasingly clear the attempts to stir up religious and other divisions within the Scottish electorate have so far been ignored. We have so far bucked the trend and refused to play the game of the 'old politics' as it is attempted to be worked on us in terms of propaganda and 'dirty tricks', we have not, so far, taken to the streets in violent protest or risen to more crazy claims made by Westminster and its acolytes.

The message is to avoid the mess which is now Israel or Ukraine - keep the heid in the face of what ever provocations Westminster and its media throws at us in the next 150 days or so. Lord Trimble  - who is hardly supporter of a 'Yes' result said the following on 'Good Morning Scotland', on Friday 2nd May 2014:

"Actually, a Yes vote in Scotland would reinforce the argument against violence because it’s a demonstration of how you can achieve major change through the political democratic process."

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