Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Labour got the right Milliband ....

Labour got the right Milliband

Sorry .... I'm just laughing fit to burst .... what?

Its not a spoof, you say, it is a real Guardian article.

That's a bit of a shocker and is up there with Labour's big plan to send Dougy Alexander north to replace Darling at the helm of the failing 'No campaign'. Remembering this is the same Dougy Alexander whose electioneering skills saw a majority of SNP MSPs in 2007, an out right SNP majority in 2011, saw the wrong Milliband getting elected and ripped up for toilet paper by Andrew Neil on Sunday's Politics Show over Labour's VAT claims.

The problem for Labour is not either of the Ed's, the real problem for Labour is it does not have a clue who it is or what it is actually stands for, apart from being 'Minime' Tories.

The Labour Party is in the thrall of self selecting and self interested 'Islington and Hampstead' focus groups and wants power for power's sake; as a quick read of Poly Tonybee's efforts in support of Labour, most days, demonstrates time and time again. Labour MP selection is a joke and has been clearly reduced to who you know and not what you know. Labour CLP's are routinely sidelined by the leadership and NEC and if they have the temerity to complain about a parachuted in candidate are in 'special measures' before their complaint or concern can be publicly aired.

Labour's hierarchy is Labour's problem because they are too busy scheming how to get their bums on Westminster ministerial chairs rather than listening to the people they claim to serve. This is how they lost control in Scotland, this is why they are losing their grip in Wales and raises the question of just how long before the North of England also slips from Labour's grasp?

The problem with the current Labour hierarchy is they know little or nothing outside of their own narrow wishes and wants while being deaf to real people's needs and expectations. Until Labour wakes up, why would anyone vote for Labservatives when they can get the 'real thing' at Westminster by abstaining from the UK electoral process or worse voting UKIP?

Then there is the problem for Westminster Labour of 'no Scotland' after September the 18th in the run up to elections in 2015 which, constitutionally, will have to be for the recalled sovereign parliament of England and Wales (with NI) on the back of a suppressed  IPSOS / MORI poll, apparently paid for by the Scottish Office using UK Tax payers money, now claimed to be indicating a 5% lead for the 'Yes Campaign'.

Maybe the Guardian needs to start warning its mainly English readership what a 'yes vote' will actually mean to rUK Labour, the impact the loss of its 'Scotch MPs' and the holes which will appear in the UK Labour hierarchy with the exit of Murphy (Milliband's puppet master), Darling, Dougy Alexander, Davidson, numerous Scotch 'Lords / Ladies' who believe in their own self importance and other current 'big team players'.

Two Ed's might not necessarily be better than one but this is the least of the moribund, decaying and uninspiring UK Labour Party's problems.

A campaign based on the idea, 'Vote Labour because we are not quite as ignorant as the Tories' hardly counts as inspiring, does it?

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