Sunday, 25 May 2014

Last throw of the dice?

As the UK Treasury's damning critique of an independent Scotland's fiscal and tax base dies a death even before it is fully promoted, are we seeing the last throw of the dice?

It is a pretty nasty throw. One which seeks to pick at the nasty foul scab that surrounds Glasgow's football 'giants' in the form of their innate, blind and senseless sectarianism. A toxic swamp which has long divided Glasgow on primeval lines where the loss of either of the big two to the other sees an escalation in domestic violence in the poorer estates in Glasgow.

A Tory MSP, who should know better, is apparently one of the ring leaders. Murdo Fraser an unrepentant 'Blue Nose' is on record as stating the Rangers fans need to vote No to 'save the Queen' and the 'Union flag' they love to wrap themselves in. Clearly a direct appeal to the sizable number of Orange Order Ranger's fans, an Orange Order whose soul aim is to protect Scotland from 'Popery'. The same Orange Order which 'Better Together' will not allow to be officially part of their campaign because of their promotion of sectarianism and their penchant for violence or its threat.

There is an equally poisonous relationship within the No Campaign (in this case Labour's Glasgow City Council) where deals have been done to relax 'marching restrictions' and the number of allowed marches in Glasgow to the benefit of the Orange Order in spite of opposition by Police Scotland on public order and disturbance grounds.

Many will now be looking at Edinburgh City Council in the wake of the Orange Order seeking to have a march in Edinburgh just 18 days before the Referendum vote. Will they grant the necessary license?

Modern Scotland by a sizable majority - over 80% in opinion polls - want an end to this corrosive, mainly, but not only, Glasgow and environs antediluvian, 'religious' cancer. A tension which has long been manipulated by Labour to meet their own political ends, a tension which also poison's the political manoeuvrings within the West of Scotland Labour fraternity as the outburst from Iain Davidson on how being on the wrong side of the divide had caused him problems in a hierarchy dominated by politicians of a Catholic, religious bent.

Labour in Scotland are riven by splits between the Darling camp, Brown camp and Murphy camp while also in a constant state of civil war with themselves and their Trade Union funders over divvying up Labour's 'safe seats at Westminster. The Battle of Falkirk being the latest public outbreak of such hostilities.

Is this just how desperate 'Better Together' have become that they are having to resort to the manky shroud waving of sectarianism in the vain hope of stopping the progress of the 'Yes Campaign'?

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  1. As a life long Hearts supporter and a protestant I have seen a change within the Hearts support. When I first stated going to Hearts matches in the early 70's many fans carried the Union jack and sang sectarian songs but thankfully that is down to a tiny minority some of whom are actually Millwall and fans from other English clubs who come up to watch Hearts matches. Now if any sectarians songs are started they are soon booed out. A sizable section of the Hearts support is in the Yes camp and the same is true with Rangers fans. We have all seen what a basket case Northern Ireland became because of religious nonsense and we don't wan't to see our country go the same way. Scotland has changed this sectarian tripe is only hung onto by a few thousand diehards so to try and play the religion card will get them nowhere and may come back and bite them where it hurts.