Monday, 24 October 2016

Blindman's bluff

Empress Theresa de Thatcher called forth the tribal chieftains from England's remains of empire in Britain to come forth unto 10 Downing Street to be told their future, in no uncertain terms. To kowtow to the new Empress of England and return to their English sanctioned regions, humbled and trembling in fear, knowing their place in the political and economic disaster which is Brexit. A place which was much akin to cleaning out Theresa's garderobe pit.

Well that is what is supposed to have happened according to the Telegraph, Mail, Sun or Express. 

Anyone who has watched the full interview Ms Sturgeon gave to Channel 4 this afternoon is left in no uncertain terms as to her opinion of the two hours she wasted learning nothing new from Theresa de Thatcher. 

Her classic reposte was to the alleged question of the SNP undermining Brexit; how, she indicated, can you undermine a Brexit process which does not exist?

Her body language, as a result of the Downing Street meeting, was that of a person looking for some inanimate object to give a good kicking too. She was valiant in the face of idiotic questioning from some journalists when the temptation must have been to grab one or two of the more asinine by the lapels and shout in their ears, "Did you fucking listen to a single thing I have said, ye numpty!"

Those who have been or are husbands and have even the slightest understanding of empathy, know the look of a woman who is just looking for an excuse to rip into you for the slightest of misdemeanors, who can not understand how anyone could be that stupid to think they could pull the wool over their eyes, the look of a woman who if you proffered a glass of wine in supplication would not know whether to drink it or tip it over you. This was the look I saw in Ms Sturgeon's eyes this afternoon, I just hope, by the time she got home to Glasgow tonight, some of the contained anger has had a chance to dissipate otherwise her husband could well be wearing the Spaghetti Bolangaise he has so lovingly prepared for her return.

The early reports on BBC News web site attempted some sort of damage limitation exercise in the aftermath of the meeting but even they struggled to get much SNP bad content in their commentary. They clutched at the straw of some 'UK constitution' expert agreeing that the UK Parliament could refuse or delay a chapter 30 order to allow a second Scottish independence referendum while simultaneously indicating it would be utter madness if they did. 

The genie is out of the bottle, there is no discernible plan for Brexit, not even the outline of a plan which could be offered to the leaders of the devolved assemblies and parliament as any sort of sop. The Welsh, Irish and Scots leaders were not able to be given any reassurance to take back to their internal electorates because there is no Tory plan, there can be no Tory reassurance. There are only three months to go until article 50 is going to be signed off by Theresa Thatcher, the UK ripped out of Europe, left politically and economically isolated on the edge of Europe and no one in Downing Street has any more of a scooby of what Brexit means than they did on the morning of the 24th of June when the Tory's worst nightmare became real and the Tory right took full control of power of the party.  Theresa May is UK prime minister because she was the least worst option in a Tory party riven with more long term feuds and back stabbings than your average Appalachian Hillbilly family, more vicious than any banjo and guitar tussle you could ever hear.

There is clearly a vacuum at the heart of the Tory Government, one that all the scripted exchanges at prime minister's question time will never paper over, one that will not hide behind anti-Corbyn media offerings for much longer. The centre right Tories and Labour Blairites have lost control of the message and have no clue as to how to regain control as they too are being sucked into the same Brexit political vacuum as the devolved nations. To oppose Brexit they have to side with the SNP and the devolved assemblies, a position these same centre right Tories and Labour Blairites can never swallow because the price will be yet more loss of power from Westminster to the devolved Welsh, Irish and Scots political centres, a price they have always opposed paying.

The problem with vacuums is there is always something which will try to fill it, currently it is English xenophobia verging on fascism, a horrible politic the Blairites and centre right Tories are seeking to bend to their will through the English media. History tell us their German political equivalents in the early 30's thought they could control the expression of xenophobic German Nationalism before it got out of hand, ride it to power then turn it off when they wished it. We know how well that turned out.

I think, in the political vacuum Brexit is generating, there can be only one result, the implosion of the UK Parliamentary Union which will see a torrid time for Ireland as the sudden shotgun marriage between North and South is played out.

It will see Wales tied fast to the coat tales of England, dragged whining and whinging out of the EU. An England where increasing austerity and the continuing collapse of health and welfare provision will see some charismatic fascist from the Tory right wing putting himself or herself forward as England's saviour, their next Churchill or Boadicea.

Nor is it going to be plain sailing for a newly independent Scotland. There will be anger from the edges of both left and right in Scotland as neither gets what they want. We can already see this in the writings of left wingers like Colin Fox and I will leave you to pick your favourite Yoonist journalist from a large cast in print, television or radio in Scotland. 

It is up to us, the majority of Scots who want a country that is fair, considerate, successful, innovative and offers the opportunity for those with ability to get on, no matter their home address or school, "tae keep the heid" and get on with creating a country which is inclusive and cares for those who, for one reason or another, struggle to thrive. While all the time looking over our shoulder at an English State whose divisive politics we find ever more abhorrent; as more English folk, who can afford to, cross the border and join us in Scotland and those who can not afford to pay off the English Border Guards or visa officials are packed into camps along the border of England, by an English Government which has lost the plot but can not afford to admit it.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Panic Attacks ....

As part of my mental health symptoms I get panic attacks, the frequency and length of any attack is directly related to the degree of stress I am processing. So having dealt in the last twelve months with the death of my mother, the final phase of my divorce, selling my Mum's house, putting my own house up for sale, the inevitable financial problems that go along with even the most friendly of divorces and settling my Mum's estate (nearly completed); I have not had to look hard for drivers for this year's panic attacks. Given this I have averaged a panic attack one or two times a month at most which I have dealt with using breathing exercises and meditation.

In the week since the Tory Party Conference I am averaging one every other day, they have been quite serious involving difficulty breathing, shakes and visual disturbance. I had severe panic attack this afternoon walking the dog along sun spattered country lanes where Finches and Tits were foraging among the hawthorn berries, rose hips and seeds in the hedgerows, an attack which forced me to stop until I regained my breath and balance.

As I stood there it came to me I am feeling extremely angry inside, frustrated with such an intensity the usual outpouring of words in my blog which normally releases this, was barely scraping the surface. So here am I typing away, trying to get some release from all this anger and frustration by facing up to the key factors at its heart.

At its core is a sense of powerlessness. Powerlessness to do anything about the madness which is Brexit and its xenophobic heart. Powerless when I find Teresa May's apologists and cheer leaders in the Times are now facing up to reality the Tory Party they support has no viable plan for Brexit and their 'one nation' is heading for break up. Powerless as the Tory Party seek to bend the non existent 'British Constituion' to become like Humpty Dumpty so words can mean just exactly what they say they mean by trying to fix the rules that MPs must put the UK first - an attempt to legally ignore the majority SNP MPs from Scotland. Powerless as the London based media retain their deliberate ignorance of how things are changing in Scotland as opinion polls begin to show Scots increasingly prefer an independent Scotland in the EU to a region of UK Brexit as do their Scotch counterparts in the Herald, openly fascist Daily Mail and Express while the Telegraph pretends to hold its nose and be above such blatant fascism while condoning it at every turn with its line of UK born foreigners of colour are OK but 'feck off' the rest of you foreigners and EU immigrants.

I can not respect the views of those who claim to be 'Yessers' but will deny Scottish Independence in a second referendum and vote 'NO' because of the so-called undemocratic EU (in their London news media inspired ignorance and prejudice) and therefore are more than happy to let Scotland remain as a second rate region in what will become a third rate country. A case of stupid is, as stupid does as the daily unraveling of any chance of a soft Brexit is demonstrating. A vote for continuing powerlessness.

I heard Ms Sturgeon's warm words, her encouraging words, from conference. I know she is committed to what she said, softly, softly independence, slice by slice but I know the British Establishment is equally committed to prevent Scottish Independence from ever happening. They simply can not afford to lose their positive, cash flow cow.

George Soros' world investment company Quantum has made clear in its advice to investors. A Brexit without Scotland will be a disaster for rUK as Scotland will take 70% of all current energy resource with it in terms oil, gas and reusables. Given the exceptional debt and balance of payment deficit a Brexit rUK will be carrying, the pound will drop below dollar parity as rUK struggles to meet its commitments. They are advising clients to get out of sterling and invest in UK property instead which is exactly what London based property agents are already finding is happening, according to a report from Reuters. The British Establishment can not afford to let Scotland go or they are completely screwed as England heads rapidly towards Greece levels of fiscal integrity. The pound at a 165 year low and inflation on the rise are just two clear indicators which say things can only get worse and as long as May continues to plays the role of a latter day Edward the Second of England towards Scotland, ignoring advice and direction while demonstrating typically English ruling class arrogance and ignorance.

I am not one for bringing the past into my future but it is hard not perceive the next Yes referendum as being our Bannock Burn. If we fail Scotland, if we fail to remove this modern yoke of unwanted and unelected Tory (English) rule, we will cease to have the right to exist as a nation, except on Union flag bedecked, tartan shortbread tins, return to our black houses and never embarrass ourselves by calling ourselves 'Scots'.

Remember the core and driver of any Yes campaign for independence r3emains: 

"It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself."

This new referendum can only be about removing the stultifying yoke of a Union dominated by Governments we never elect, only after independence we can begin to decide our relations with the rest of the world, currently for Scotland this means remaining in the EU, this is the majority wish of the people of Scotland and anti EU supposed Yessers who claim they will vote 'NO' in this situation be careful what you wish for as the Brexiteers are now discovering.

A reasonable argument for the benefits of remaining in the EU can be seen here.

Friday, 14 October 2016

End game

It is March 2018 and only a year to go before the UK exits the EU, dragging Scotland with it, against the considered will of the people of Scotland. Ms May is still refusing to bring any sort of Independence Referendum 2 enabling bill before the UK Parliament as she claims to have unlimited sovereignty on this issue under the relevant Scotland Acts through the exercise and prerogative of the 'crown in parliament'. So the Scots will just have to lump it and like it, they are going to be out of the EU against their will.

At Holyrood Tory and Labour MSPs are seeking to rub the SNPs nose in their powerlessness over the supremacy of Westminster while the Scottish electorate are getting more and more angry at Ms May's government's arrogance and ignorance. Among pro-independence bloggers the talk is increasingly of the need for UDI as it appears Ms Sturgeon's softly, softly approach has back fired and has failed to meet the considered will of the people of Scotland to remain in the EU. There is growing talk of the need for violence if Westminster continues to ignore the wishes of Scotland, hot heads are talking about fire bombing Tory MSPs constituency offices as a first step while trapping Mr Mundell in his home near Moffat. Some talk of attacking and burning down  HMNB Faslane, as it represents all that is hated and imposed on Scotland by Westminster. The BBC continues to fan the flames by justifying Ms May's actions at every turn, as does the English media circus. It is obvious, to everyone, something is going to crack and it is going to get messy. This is exactly the situation Ms May and her Government are seeking to create and manipulate in Scotland so they can claim they are putting the UK military on the streets of Scotland to protect UK citizens and not, as is actually the case, to suppress the democratic wishes of the majority of Scots.

Things are looking bleak for Scotland.

Ms Sturgeon appears on social media while avoiding the mainstream, asking for people to 'keep the heid' as the Scottish Government are preparing a proposal to bring before the Scottish Parliament which will bring resolution to Westminster's continuing intransigence.

Mainstream media gets no press releases on the nature of the proposed resolution and their usual sources within the SNP Government or Scottish Civil Service are not available to be contacted. Speculation is rife that it will be a declaration of UDI and the usual experts appear on the BBC to tell the Scots they can not do this as it is 'illegal'. The Mail and Express call for Ms Sturgeon's arrest on treason charges while the Telegraph and Times headline on how the already fragile Brexit damaged UK economy is being put further at risk by Ms Sturgeon's refusal to state what the SNP proposal contains. "SNP bad" is the theme of the weekend as the British Establishment seeks a way to blame anyone but itself for the mess it has got itself into.

On the Monday Ms Sturgeon announces time has been made during Tuesday's scheduled debates at 1 pm for her announcement. Monday night sees the usual British Establishment media lovies go into overdrive as they try to double think what the announcement is going to contain. The result of their combined guesses remains "SNP Bad" and how the UK Supreme Court will block any move to end the UK Union by any means. The British Constitutional Establishment experts work overtime on the media belittling anything they guess the Scottish Government could propose.

It is Tuesday, 1 pm, Ms Sturgeon steps up to the lectern and the Presiding Officer gives her the floor.

"Members of the Scottish Parliament, all attempts to negotiate any sensible deal with regard to the people of Scotland's considered will to remain in the EU have been refused by the UK Government. I come before you having taken legal and constitutional advice on this refusal. I will precis the legal advice the Scottish Government has been given, the full, detailed, legal advice will be available in the parliamentary library at the end of this announcement. In the simplest of terms; UK Parliamentary sovereignty is limited, under article 19 of the Treaty of Union, by the considered will of the people of Scotland which remains paramount. The refusal of the UK Government to engage in meaningful discussions on ensuring Scotland's continued membership of the EU as part of the UK exceeds the legal or constitutional powers of UK Parliament and the government. As such the UK Government and UK  Parliament is in breech of article 19 of the Treaty of Union and has by its own actions, inaction and presumption on this issue terminated the Treaty of Union by default.

This being the lawful and constitutional case, based on the detailed Scots Law and and constitutional advice given to the Scottish Government, today I am presenting to the now sovereign Scottish Parliament a short bill repealing the Act of Union (Scotland) 1707, ending Scotland's participation in the UK Parliamentary Union. Thus completing the process the actions of the UK Government started, by its failure to abide by the treaty requirements expressed in article 19 of the Treaty of Union, protected by the treaty for all time.

I am requesting this repeal bill now be given priority in this parliament with the intention the bill to have completed parliamentary scrutiny so we can enact this bill by Friday lunchtime at the latest. I am requesting this action and rapid enactment of the repeal bill to defuse the increasing anger verging towards violence towards the UK Government, Unionist politicians and their agents in Scotland, being expressed by ordinary Scots at having their paramount considered will consistently and arrogantly ignored by Ms May's Government in its dealings with the people of Scotland and their parliamentary representatives at Westminster.

I have been given memorandum of understanding and support from all the EU members for this serious action, terminating the UK Union, and written assurances the EU will support Scotland economically, socially and internationally while the process of ending of the UK Parliamentary Union is completed and our new currency ( proposed to be called the merk) and independent national bank is established and stabilised, in conjunction with the IMF and other international agencies, against our energy and other national assets."

In the ensuing silence you could not just hear a pin drop but also the shit hitting the fan in 10 Downing Street.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Confused of Galloway

Dear British Constitutional experts,

Please excuse me for being a bit ignorant but I do not understand how there can be a 'British' constitution, in fact I do not understand where the 'British' Empire comes from either let alone the 'British' Commonwealth or Ms May's claims about the primacy of 'British' Law.

Maybe I missed something on my troll through the Treaty of Union but it makes pretty clear that any preexisting, about to be or future colonies would be dependencies or territories of the English Crown alone and subject to English legal and constitutional practices. I may be being pedantic here but surely that means there is no such thing as the British Empire or British Commonwealth and should be properly referred to as the English Empire and Commonwealth.

For them to be 'British' would require there to be a 'British' Crown, but there is not, is there? 

I note that James 6th and 1st tried to get the Scottish and English Parliament's to agree to a unified crown but he was told to get lost in no uncertain terms by both. Since then, no UK crowned head has sought to formally unify the crowns and they remain separate, with separate and very different legal and constitutional requirements and responsibilities between those of the English Crown and those of the Scottish Crown to their respective subjects. 

As such, does this not mean the UK is made up of two separate nation states, sharing one parliament and not the argument routinely put by the 'British' Constitutional experts that Scotland was subsumed by England when the UK Parliament was created. It seems this was and is not the case according to the Treaty. Maybe, as the English hijacking of the UK Parliament moved apace in its early days, this was why Lord Selkirk, in 1714, sought to have the UK Parliament suspended until a new Treaty could be agreed by the original sovereign parliaments. This request was filibustered by the Tories of the day to ensure there could be no vote, a habit they continue to follow to this day on issues which are of importance to Scotland but not Tory politics or self interest.

How can there be a 'British' constitution for the UK Parliament when it only follows English Law and constitutional practice and does not reflect the traditions of Scots Law and constitutional practice? 

This unwritten behemoth of smoke and mirrors has no right to call itself 'British' in any sense as it is 'English' in root and branch. How can the 'crown' be in the UK Parliament and give it unlimited sovereignty when Scots Law does not recognise this singularly English Law practice. Anyway which crown is it in the UK Parliament as there is no 'British' crown, as I pointed out earlier. If it is the English Crown which is in the UK Parliament then the UK Parliament's sovereignty is limited by the Scottish Crown's dependence on the considered will of the people of Scotland. 

Does the 'British' constitution make clear how this serious limitation of the UK Parliament's sovereignty by the people of Scotland is exercised?

I know through out the history of the Parliamentary Union there have been umpteen different fudges to get round this big vacant space in the 'British' constitution, varying from Scotch Grand Committees to the appointing of a defacto Viceroy to the Scottish Office, supposedly held in check and to account by the Scottish Affairs Committee of the UK Parliament but these were all designed to ensure the considered will of the people of Scotland could simply be ignored or manipulated and the UK Parliament then continues on its way, undisturbed by any real accountability to the people of Scotland - except at the ballot box. Then again, as long as Labour held sway in Scotland what was the problem, the fudges continue to be fudged and the peasants subdued with claims of massive cash handouts to the too wee, too stupid, too poor Scots which were and remain but a fraction of the cash Scotland contributes to the UK Treasury, year on year.

Dear 'British' Constitutional experts this leaves me perplexed and disturbed as it appears the function of the unwritten 'British' constitution's main task is to ensure the voice of the considered will of the people of Scotland is silenced at Westminster or at best simply ignored. Ms May and her ministers have now demonstrated this must be the case on numerous occasions since the 23rd of June in their responses to SNP MPs and their championing of the considered will of the people of Scotland to remain in the EU. In which case, surely the objective evidence now points to the reality the unwritten 'British' constitution has now failed in all major respects as its ability to fudge and ignore the people of Scotland has been split wide open by the election of MPs from Scotland who seek to exercise that will on their constituents behalf and on the behalf of the nation state of Scotland, within the shared UK Parliament.

Maybe it is time to stop the pretense that this unwritten 'British' constitution is supremely clever and all things to all men (and women) when it is in fact a Gordian Knot of half truths, fudges, illegalities, illegitimacies and is need of the chop then replaced by a written one to which the UK Parliament can actually be held accountable by the UK electorate. I can hear UK Parliamentary MPs already squealing like stuck pigs about the loss of their own 'freewill' to consider the case made before them before voting as their conscience dictates by being at the beck and call of their electorate. As opposed to being at the beck and call of party whips and their offers of possible 'legs up' in the party hierarchy or 'financial gain' by being made chair of an upcoming select committee, if they do as the whips tell them.

On the other hand, maybe it will be easier for Scots simply to give the UK Parliament the chop and leave the English Parliament to continue on its undemocratic, autocratic and oligarchic way without the worry of for ever keeping us annoying, whining 'Jocks' quiet.

What do you think 'British' constitutional experts, can you help me understand?

Yours faithfully,

A sick fed up Scot.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

No Union, no cry ...

As I scan the blogosphere I never ceased to be amazed just how much many Yessers do not understand the necessary evil of an independent Scotland within the EU and think, like many Brexiteers, it will be all sunshine and roses if only it were not for that damned EU.

So let us park the reality the Scottish fishing industry would gain little but lose much on EU exit nor that many small farmers would go to the wall, leaving the big land owners to hoover up even more land (the very thing the left of RIC are fighting to stop with their cries for land reform) and think how would an independent Scotland outside the EU, from the start off, work?

We would be in the same position as the xenophobic Tory Party are, with their current plans to park the UK Parliamentary Union outside of the EU by 2019. An about to be independent Scotland could not negotiate nor begin talks with even the WTO until the UK, as is, exits the EU. The bottom line here is that until the day the UK leaves the EU it is tied into all the worldwide trading arrangements the EU has negotiated on all members behalf.

We would, for cross border trading with England, at least, be tied to the same plummeting pound which today was trading $1 to 89 pence, the lowest level since 1985 and expected to be at Euro 1:1 levels by Monday 10th October according to Reuters sources. Let us not forget even the Tory aligned Fraser-Allender Institute which is not knowingly independence aligned, is expecting an economic disaster for Scotland, outside of the EU, with jobless rates rising and wages worth 20% less in buying power by 2020 compared to 2016.

This begs the question just why does the anti-EU Yes community want to ditch the offer of guaranteed EU entry for an independent Scotland, automatic entry into the EU's worldwide trading arrangements for our industries which are already using them, a move which would mean hardly a blip in income for the average Scots citizen while establishing Scotland as a nation state in the eyes of the world. A nation state already set up to continue to gain the same advantages for its people, it already enjoys as part of the UK in the EU.

Only the truly ignorant can claim that we would simply be swapping London for Brussels. As a nation state in the EU we would have the same clout in the Council of Ministers (the
ultimate decision making body) as Germany or France. By aligning with like minded EU nations we have a higher chance of altering proposed EU legislation to our benefit than the SNP MPs at Westminster would ever have, as made clear by the Tory Government's current plans to steam roller Brexit through with minimal UK Parliament involvement. Scotland would ultimately have the right to veto (as the UK did with the Shengen Agreement), opt out of legislation (as Poland has) or (as is seen in Denmark and Sweden) find reasons not to enact legislation such as Euro integration by ensuring our economy never meets Euro entry conditions.

The argument for an independent Scotland outside the EU begs the question, why have a second independence referendum?

Logically it would make more sense to remain in the UK Union which will give us slightly more leverage than as a new nation state with out any track record of Government borrowing or currency stability when negotiating all the new world wide trade arrangements we will need to negotiate and enact. Trade arrangements we will need to continue exporting all our high value products, if the industries involved survive the initial economic fall out of Brexit or do not do a runner from Scotland prior to 2019. Currently investment in UK business is at an all time low, big UK companies are sitting on big mountains of cash that they could invest in new plant in the UK but they are not. If you want to understand why investment in UK plant has dried up, read the Japanese business community's letter to Ms May and the UK Government. The downside of staying in the UK when exiting the EU will mean at least another ten years of a Tory government we do not elect but, hey!, we would be out of the EU.

Finally, to all those "We want out of the EU" Yessers;  you either accept the considered will of the people of Scotland is paramount and work towards an independent Scotland on that basis or you understand why many will look on you with sadness and some view you with distaste because you are disowning the very sovereignty of the people of Scotland you claim to be 'trying to defend' from the over weaning EU by siding with the xenophobic Tories over their bizarre idea of 'sunny fields and better days' to come outside the EU when the reality is increasingly being proved the opposite.

'Yessers' who want to exit the EU can not cut it both ways, legally and constitutionally Scotland's 'Claim of Right' requires both the Scottish Crown and Government to abide by the considered will of the people of Scotland as this is always paramount. We have had a referendum on EU membership in June 2016, in which the people of Scotland, across every constituency, by a sizable majority, expressed its considered will for Scotland to remain within the EU. The situation is clear, you either support the democratic choice of the people of Scotland to be independent within the EU or you are no better than Ms May and her Tories by disregarding this established democratic choice.

The reality is we all have to swallow medicine we may not like to gain the outcome all on the 'Yes' side claim to wish: A sovereign Scottish Nation State, based not on your colour, language or passport but inclusive of all who wish to make Scotland their home and a success. A Scotland where opportunity is based on merit and the ability to take it but the sick, disabled and unfortunate are supported and cared for.

#We are Scotland.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

1689 Claim of Right, yer claimed May ...

In 2012 I was told by Andrew Ticknell that the provisions in the Claim of Right of the Scottish Parliament  had been superseded by the evolving nature of the unwritten British Constitution. He argued for the primacy of UK Parliament's sovereignty over all issues to do with Scotland and the Scottish Parliament (via the 1998 Scotland Act). His considered view was while this piece of Scottish Parliamentary statute remained in law it in effect had no force of law with respect to the UK Parliamentary Union, the legal equivalent of the human appendix - if you will.

This, I thought, was odd as Lord Cooper in his review of McCormack vs the Lord Advocate in 1953 stated the UK Parliament's sovereignty was in fact limited by the Treaty of Union under article 19 which preserves the purely Scottish Law and constitutional concept of the considered will of the people of Scotland being paramount as clearly expressed in the 1689 Claim of Right. A few weeks ago I wrote a precised article based on my early piece on this issue. 

It appears we will discover the reality of the limitation of the UK Parliament's sovereign power after Mike Russell stated today the Scottish Parliament will be able to block Ms May's 'Big Bill' as it will require Scottish Parliamentary consent to be made law. Some commentators have further argued the move to initiate Brexit by Ms May, without reference to a vote in the UK Parliament, is in itself an illegal act, unconstitutional and outside her powers as Prime Minister, a claim she is currently facing a court action over and as a result her government has been forced to publish its legal advice on the matter.

Further the considered will of the people of Scotland will be represented by the majority of Scottish MP's in any UK Parliamentary vote but with the cosy Unionist controlled patsies from Jockland having been reduced to three in number they can no longer claim any of the Unionist Parties represent the majority considered will of the people of Scotland in any shape or form. The SNP at Westminster is the legitimate voice of the Scottish people's considered will, one which - no matter how much she wishes otherwise - Ms May can not ignore or if she does once again her government will be open to challenge in the UK Supreme Court for being in breach of Article 19 of the Treaty of Union.

Worse for the rabid, SNP hating, Scotch Labour Blairites, Corbyn - who they first thought they were going to kill off last week, then at least sideline by having the NEC in their pocket - has started mumbling about an electoral pact with the SNP at Westminster to prevent Brexit with the inevitable trade off for more Scottish Devolution this will involve. It appears Dugdale and Murray were left seething into their conference porridge at the idea of the possible requirement of Scotch Labour working with their worst nightmare against their bestest pals in Scotland, Ruthie's Tories, but if Corbyn says that is how it is,"They'll jist hae tae dae whit thir telt". So much for Dugdale's autonomous party in Scotland nonsense. The flip side for the SNP is how far can you throw Corbyn, an arch Unionist, and can you trust him or Labour even a third of that distance? I think we know the answer, to that one, given their past performance of which 'How Now Brown's Vow?' is but the latest manifestation.

Ms May is about to pass into the maelstrom which is the Tory Party Conference of which today's TV performances were the warm up act. On the one hand she announced when Brexit will be triggered. "Hoorah!" says the Tory, British Empire infatuated, membership, "That'll show Johhny Foreigner damn well who's boss." On the other hand she failed to mention a single detail of how Brexit was going to be achieved and its fall out.

Her problems start when the self same membership, who have been oversold the delights of Brexit, start trying to get their head around just how far divorced from the EU they wish to be and what the impact of each different option will be when they want to buy or sell goods to "Johnny Foreigner" or even jog off to France on their holidays or if they will be able to afford to trade or go on holidays, as the value of the pound plummets ever lower as capital does a runner from the City of London after Brexit. Of course, with Ms May under the eye of her own trio of Macbethian Brexit Witches in Gove, Fox and Johnson, all hubble, bubble toil and troubling their little heads off, she can not actually make clear just what a kicking the UK economy and currency (and of course electorate) is going to take, as that would be scaremongering. Instead we had the 'I've got plenty of nothing and nothing is plenty for me' presentation as she made her way around her media pals this fine Sunday morning, all nodding as if she was actually saying anything of substance and saying how super, wizard, that's cleared things up - not one having the guts to say she actually looked a bit chapped, nippy and goose bump covered running around in the nuddy in Autumn, as she was. Older generations would recognise Ms May's performance today as being up there with Harold Wilson's 'pound in your pocket' pipe sucking claims on the old black and white BBC, a devaluation which was the result of an IMF bail out in the late 60's, this in turn resulted in the hyper inflation which ravaged the UK in the 70's and early 80's.

Here's the truth of it for all the EU phobic chaps and chapettes of the Tory and UKIP memberships. There will be only one Brexit and it will be as 'hard' as Mr Verhoffen and the EU negotiators can make it, so make ready, at best, to have the UK's nose ground into the dirt because that will be as good as it gets.

In the meantime here in Scotland we are not seeing the same chorus of threats to close factories and withdraw investment in fact the opposite. Take Liberty. Just why would a global steel player look to invest in reopening a steel manufacturing plant their competitor and major Indian rivals said needed closing? Stat Oil must be mad to be enlarging their Aberdeen HQ at this time and not just Stat Oil, other big players in the reusable energy and oil and gas recovery business are at it as well. In the back ground the big energy companies like Shell and BP are investing in reusable technology and power storage experimental developments in Scotland, via their 'charitable' and 'community' funds. 

There can only be one of two reasons why Scotland is not getting the same message as the UK Government, either Scotland is going to become an independent nation state, once more, by mid 2019 or the UK Government at Westminster is going to be forced to go cap in hand to the EU and ask to be forgiven for its stupidity, temper tantrums over Brexit, can we still be pals - can we?, go back to play in the EU pen and let bygones be bygones while accepting England will burn from end to end if they do.

Ms May is stuck between a rock (the considered will of the people of Scotland to remain in the EU) and a hard place (the over sold, EU phobic benefits of Brexit, English folk have supped at). 

What do you think, readers?