Thursday, 23 November 2017

Jockhad - we have been for years.

I have never understood what makes an normal everyday human being become a suicide bomber but after yesterday's imperial, British nationalist, custard pie fight called the "UK Budget" I think I know.

In a week where a peer reviewed paper in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) demonstrated that Tory Health Policy had caused 120,000 unnecessary deaths in England, alone; the Tory's big give away was to cut stamp duty on homes in England selling at under £300,000 and reduce the cursed platter of Universal Credit's delay in paying out to the most needy and vulnerable by a week from six to five weeks.

Scotland was thrown an empty shroud of a pocket money increase which when checked is a cut in real terms of £239 million or so, per year, over three years. Then there is the farce of VAT charged to Scottish fire and police services suddenly being conveniently scrapped as a reward for electing the useless Tory 12 in the last election, ignoring the reality which is the SNP have been banging on about this major punitive tax imposition for years. I find it hard for any but the most stupid of Scots to believe the useless 12 had any real impact. The reality is we are seeing the British Empire demonstrating to its last colony that it can still put us Jock's in our place when ever they deem it necessary; "rebellious Scots to crush" and all that jazz.

I wish to make clear, the BMJ paper's 120,000 unnecessary deaths in England is on top of the estimated 6,000 unnecessary deaths per year the DWP admit to being the outcome of pre Universal Credit cuts to benefits. The figure for UK citizens euthanised by the UK Government health and welfare policy since 2010 is a staggering 162,000 we know of but since the DWP has stopped recording deaths linked to benefit cuts the actual figure could be far higher. We are talking, here, about Aberdeen being emptied of its citizenry since 2010.

It seems that since this is not Kim il Jong or Robert Mugabwe killing their citizens in serious numbers it is not "news worthy. It is "nothing to worry about old chap. The British Establishment knows what it is doing so just keep your head down and read your Sun, Daily Mail or Telegraph like a good boy or girl and don't worry your little head."

It is this smug paternalism, manifest in Brexit, that leaves you with a sense of powerlessness to change anything by legitimate means. You are living at a time when a UK Government is killing its own citizens as good as shooting or gassing them and all there is in the UK media is silence. The UK has been turned into a Rawandan style state where people turn a blind eye to the UK's state sponsored killings of it vulnerable citizens because they are not of your "tribe" and if you make a fuss the British State will come for you next. Is this really what UK 'think' is now reduced to?

The evidence is there to see in the Tory VAT give away to Scotland's police and fire services which should never have been instituted in the first place and the useless Tory 12's claims of success. The truth is the British Establishment was simply punishing Scotland for voting in a SNP Government and giving the British Establishment a mighty slap in the face.

It is at this point I can see why citizens of any country can be pushed to a tipping point where strapping on a suicide vest and walking into your local government or police office and blowing yourself to bits becomes a good idea. No one is listening, no one is interested and it appears nobody cares that because of a DWP cock up, you and your kids are now homeless, hungry and cold. Your public self immolation is the only way left to you to highlight state sanctioned cruelty and persecution. This is why Hammas, for example, has no problem getting Palestinian suicide bombers from Gaza to blow themselves and Isreali public transport to bits.

I believe it is only a matter of time before this desperate, last ditch, cry for help comes to a DWP job centre somewhere in the UK. People can only be pushed so far and this failed Tory Government is close to tipping things over the edge with its Universal credit purge and the shambolic mess which is Brexit. The Tories have a track record of creating the conditions for civil disturbance and rioting in the English cities, whether in Bristol, Toxteth or Tottenham, as an excuse to justify their policies.

This is why I am calling for a "Jockhad" to get Scotland out of the murderous British Empire of the Tory Party's distorted and deranged imagination before we too go down in its rotting hulk.

This is one Jock who has had enough.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Fair fa'

Whin Winter's lips first toucht Autumn's last embrace
An aa the wurld's gein broon an fawn
Ra glints oan esturine mud glaurs gowd
An shag's still hing up wings tae dry
An aabodies aa thirled in bunnets and scairfs
Thirs beasties mair frichtfu' thin carlins ir ghouls abroad

Thon beasties' fair fu ir thir ain import
Thir een na sicht thi slaister they hiv brocht
Whilst hingin fowk fae thir ain mak'd poverty tree,
Yit tellin fowk "It wisnas me, yon big boy banker makit me dae it, thin ran awa."
Thin winnae hear tell quhit thir murdrus stramash hae dun tae innocents
Bit jist lik Herod, dinnae gie a dokey.

Whar's Alba's gain gin thi Englis beastie imperial?
Far oot aa sicht forebye ye can crie, "Britain's Glory"
Yon's aa for England, nane's cummin here.
"Cry Harry for England and St George!"; yon Scotch ir jist rebels tae crush.
Once mair tae Culloden Field and pile Scotch deid anent the breach
Is England's end, an England's will be done.


Fair fa yir honest sonsie face,
O fowk wha hae Englis TV news graced
Ablins thon painch an tripe whit's hurl'd at Scotia's face
Ye believe; weel, it's beyont ma kenning.
Whin wull thi scales fa frae yer een
Saes ye hae sicht o' thir Red Herring?