Monday, 27 April 2020

Bawjaws Returns - Lawdy! Lawdy!

According to Bawjaws Johnson "Phwah, jings, Oh Vicar! is that the time!" speech this morning before he slimed into 10 Downing Street everything in the UK is "rosy, simply spiffy, totally under control, a massive success." I mean "Haven't my chaps done a great job while I was: ill / pretending I was ill / shit scared to face the UK citizens" (delete as required)

He does know the economy he had already sent on a ever more rapid downward spiral with Brexit is now spinning like a demented top or worse than his Downing Street's press briefers?

Under control?

We do not yet scientifically understand whether or not this virus can be controlled by "normal means" or even if a vaccine can be used and if used whether it will be efficacious. His 'merican bestie "Don-don" thinks drinking bleach or injecting dettol into your veins will do the trick ... or stick a UV light up your butt. Why not go the whole hog Don-don and zap your whole body with Gamma rays, that will certainly kill the virus; even if it leaves you just a bit crispy around the edges.

So, no Bawjaws, this Covid virus is not under control, it is just the isolation and self quarantine measures your pal Cummings did not want ( as it would plunge the UK Economy, as noted above, ever further down the Brexit economic death spiral) have happened because most normal people, eventually, decided it was a good idea not to spread the virus around and if they did not have it, Covid was not high on their list of a "virus as a life choice". The fact lots of people are dead tended to colour their view on "Taking one for the team!" as you once averred.

Under control means it is safe to go back to doing normal things with out wearing face masks, protective goggles and an ex-military Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Defence suit to go to the Co-op.

Under control would mean instead of shouting across the street to my friends, to ensure at least 2 meter separation we would be at the bar of the pub having a pint.

All that has actually happened is the number of people who are dying, according to Mr Hancockups rigged figures for NHS England (aka UK), on a daily basis from the effects of Covid appears to be going down from its admitted peak of well over a thousand a day to a more reasonable, in Tory speak, 800 a day.

Then there is the problem with what is real in terms of total deaths and what your nice Mr Hancockup would like the people of England to believe are the total number of deaths. Yet even 20,000 deaths in England admitted by Mr Hancockup could hardly be counted as a "success" given that number is equivalent to 10% of Covid deaths so far reported worldwide and by far and away the worst death rate in Europe. How much of a success does it look to you, Bawjaws, when the actual numbers of deaths related to Covid in England is nearer the 50,000 mark, to date?

Of course the BBC and London media will never raise this with you because, if they did, your pal Mr Cummings would have a hissy fit and ban them from your press briefings for not slavishly following his Goebellesque line.

So Bawjaws this Covid epidemic has not been a great success and has shown up just what a state a 70% privatised NHS England is in. Mr Hancockup managed to get a couple of pallets of PPE from Turkey by "Fat Bertie" via his wholly owned "NHS England supply company" while the publicly run NHS Scotland has brought in four Jumbo air cargo loads of PPE.

Your government ordered ventilators from Dyson, who makes hoovers, which will never be delivered and were the wrong sort anyway.

The UK military brought in to try and save the logistics day for Mr Hancockup have stated clearly the NHS supply chain in England is not fit for purpose, has no cohesion and is poorly organised.

Deloitte, the accountants, attempt to run the Covid testing service has been an absolute disaster and an example of why you do not use non healthcare people to run a health care project, yet Mr Hancock is about to sell another £9.2 billion of NHS England contracts to private healthcare providers.

Meanwhile Rees-Mogg's alter ego at the Telegraph, Charles Moore, is claiming more privatisation is the answer to NHS England's current failings, failings which are precisely down to the piecemeal way NHS England is run for private companies' benefit and not patients.

A massive success would be to see your arse slung out of 10 Downing Street, Bawjaws, anything else remains a disaster.