Saturday, 25 December 2021

Oh little town of Bedlam, how shrill do we hear you lie.

 As my late friend, the Reverend I M Jolly would remind us, "Life is like an ash tray, fu' o little doots".

Wise words indeed as we approach a new year where we have a Prime Minister who wouldnae ken which way is up, even if it was tattooed on abody else's foreheids.

Then we have the "Covid"; bringing death and suffering in levels not kenned lang syne forbye the plagues o' Egypt. Only kept at bay by those who hae merked their door, "Awa an bile yer heid, ye bam, we've aa hud thon booster jag.". Jist lik Moses telt thon Isrealites tae pit thon merk o Cain, back in the day, an lik Moses we're alsae plagued wi false prophet's takin fowk fae the truth o' it.

Whit numpty cam up wi the idea thit a load o top scientists aa git the gither tae poison abody aa o'er the wurld?

Thit it wis aa Bill Gates fault cos he wanted governments tae tak o'er aa oor heids wi a Microsoft app?

Whit sort aa fowk tak bleach tae self treat the Covid, kin they naw read the labels thit speirs "POISON" dinnae tak a dram, in reid letters?

I member as a bairn fowk banging on aboot "horse tablets" whin takin peels bit they wernae fae the actual vets.

Noo is a manny o God I shud be on the fire an brimstone aboot prayin tae God tae save yirsel's an the sermon shud be getting yees aa doon oan yer hunkers askin fir God tae forgee yer sins and save yer soul fae the Covid wi a Knoxian fervour, burning with Calvinist self righteousness, bit a cannae.

See aa thon pastors in the USA whit speired "hopes and prayers" wid save thir sel's and their congregations fae Covid?

Weel maybees sticks in ma craw tae tell ye this, its naw goan as well as wis maybees thocht in thir "Holy Fervour". It turns oot maist o them hae deid fae the Covid alang wi big chunks o thir congregations. Forbye, God taks tent o the scientists mair than prayers, sae maybees we aa shud an aw an jist git the jab an be happy tae feel a bitty wabbit fir a couple o days.

Noo, I ken is muckle abit mRNA an strands as the next mun which i ken tae be 'bugger aa', if ye'll pardoney moi ma Francais, yet thir ir fowk wha widdnae ken wan end o a syringe fae t'other waxing loud abit this an thit statistic thit the jab is a killer jist because aa the evidence we ken tells us thir is a mickle "risk", bit tae pit it in perspective its naw is muckle a risk is "hopes and prayers" which is the alternate, whit e'r wi ye pit it.

Its a sair fecht fir aa the doctors an nurses whit are caring fir the seek fae Covid, whit iver type, wi last ditch treatment tryin tae save lives o' fowk whas lungs are jist aboot knackered alang wi thir kidneys an hert bit whin fowk tak aboot "personal freedoms" a doot they hivnae spent a wheen o minutes in an ICU ir assisted ventilation ward watching fowk struggle tae breathe ir takin thir last breath. Maist thit ir noo seriously unweel an it death's door wi the Covid ir those wha hivnae hud the jab, fir whit iver reason.

The bottom line here is; wi "personal freedom" alsae gangs "personal responsibility", ye cannae hae wan wi oot t'other, is the guid book pit it, "loo yer neebour is yersel" an it is in thit licht this wee sermon caa's tae an end.