Sunday, 25 September 2016

Brexit - That'll be Scotch Splitists ...

This weekend's revelations from the Holyrood Magazine with regards Ms May's dimension shifting and time warping efforts over Brexit encompassed in her statement, "SNP have to share blame for Brexit." explains clearly who fed Mumbling Murdo his line "It wisnae me, it wis yon Gnats did it then ran away, mister" - the chaps in Tory Central Office. Once again the Scotch Tory branch office in Scotland barking on command.

It seems a pity the interviewer failed to point out to Ms May that the SNP actually delivered the preferred vote of the British Establishment, to stay in the EU, from Scotland by the best part of a 2:1 majority while missing the point as to why little England voted in the way it did. No, much easier to blame the wrong sort of nationalism, 'Scottish Nationalism', and its threat to 'British Nationalism' as the reason why the majority of English voters voted to ditch the EU. 

This is a line of attack that may appeal to the hacks in the Daily Mail, Express or Telegraph as it washes away, Pontius Pilate style, their thirty plus years of anti-EU propaganda, lies and misinformation over the EU and its impact on the UK which actually lie like a lead weight on the Tory Party's claims. Nor does this line of attack cover the rise and rise of the xenophobic English Nationalism of the Tory's own right wing, UKIP and those even further into England's sick, fascist fringe of British Nationalism.

Ms May could, with the same logic, blame Mr Corbyn's drift to the right centre ground from right wing Blairism as the reason for the Brexit vote and why her party is just as riven as Labour across so many key issues, not the least being Brexit as this week's serious of squabbles between Tory light and hard Brexiteers clearly demonstrates.

I have not seem much in the national media addressing the 'why?' behind the anti-EU vote in England and Wales. Those who have looked do not like the answer so conflate and prevaricate while trying to pretend the vote was not one by an English Nation sick of the current form of government from Westminster and who, like many Scots, want to be free from its corruption, ineffectiveness, self interest and cronyism. An English nation which wants its own parliament versus a British Establishment which knows that to do so means their 'gemme's a bogey', the UK Parliamentary Union is dead.

The anti-EU vote in England caused not so much a ripple in the British Establishment pond as a Tsunami, one they were not prepared for in any shape or form and still have no plan to prevent further collapse and disaster. UK Prime minister's and the British Establishment's arrogance towards the EU is now being repaid in full. If there is one project which has united the EU it is Brexit and ensuring the UK gets the worst deal possible from the EU on leaving. Just consider the language coming from usually opaque and dithering EU spokesmen and women:
  • There will be no negotiation on UK trade with the EU until after the UK has exited and no 'special deals'
  • The UK seeking to establish trade deals outside of the EU prior to leaving the EU will bring down heavy fines on the UK Government
  • The UK needs to stop dithering and trigger Article 50
  • The City of London's current EU fiscal passports will be null and void on Brexit
I doubt even Ms May can sell this as the language of a soft Brexit being offered to anyone but the most daft of her right wing supporters. The EU is out for vengeance over all the veto's and other behind the scenes chicanery perpetrated by UK Prime Minister's in the EU Council of Ministers since 1979. This is a dish best supped cold and the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Mr Verhoffen, has made clear it is a dish he is going to sup long and slow.

Her foreign secretary merely has to open his mouth to get slapped down by her team. Her new 'Trade Minister' is sitting on his thumbs as he can not do much else than sound folk out until Brexit. These two numbskulls apparently are busy having some sort of a turf war as to which one will lead the Brexit negotiations when they commence which will only cause Mr Verhoffen even more joy busily playing Boris the Buffoon off against Dr Death and watching as they disappear up each others rectums.

It seems the rest of the world recognises the total and utter shambles which actually is Brexit and the total chaos this is causing at the heart of the British Establishment. The rest of the world is looking on and having a right good laugh as the once 'great' British Empire gets its just deserts - the reality is no one actually cares and no country will be in any rush to help - the UK is just not worth the effort, stupid is as stupid does, they are just waiting to pick up the pieces of any remaining value.

Of course you will not read any of this in the UK media but a troll of world media sites will tell you the Japanese Industrial sector see Brexit as a disaster and is putting in place plans to extricate its UK investments and close its UK factories. The world finance industry is well on its way to down sizing its UK operations, Bloomberg estimates jobs in this sector are leaving London at the rate of 10,000 a month with the employees being given the choice of a move to Dublin or Frankfurt or be made redundant. UK Pension funds have lost 30% of their value since June 23rd and the pound is trading close to equivalence with the Euro and dollar. The Bank of England's latest sale of UK Government Bonds to cover the latest round of QE has struggled to find a market. 

You will read about Brangelina (who ever the hell she is), some talentless show or other, the defection of some nonentity in some cookery program and didn't our British athletes do well, PS - things really are not that bad honest .... we have no evidence to back this up, mind, but the EU will see sense in the end.

One last question to ponder:

Why should Scotland stay in a parliamentary union with a country in whom the majority of its own electorate do not trust its governing class, as far as they can throw them?

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Brexit is the SNPs problem ... fix it Nicola!

I had to read the out pouring of Brexit lunacy from Mumbling Murdo of the Scotch Conslaberists a few times, then check the source of the quotes widely, bang my head on the desk a couple of times to ensure it was not just a bad dose of tinnitus which had me mis-hear Murdo's claim while reviewing my health to see if I was under the thumb of one of my silent migraines which was distorting my vision. Then the really scary reality came clear to me, the idiot Scotch Conslaberist Party were actually telling the SNP Brexit was their problem to resolve on behalf of the UK and just what were they going to do about, especially 'Nasty Nicola'.

This is clearly is a political epiphany of 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' proportions. We have now heard from the Tweedledee and Tweedledum of the Conslaberist Party their rendition of the song of the Walrus and the Carpenter ... "Will you, won't you; will you, won't you come and join our dance". It is clear, just like the oyster's in the original invitation, the SNP has no intention of doing so, yet the normal Unionist media mouth pieces are trumpeting this as a major break through by pointing out the SNP are not taking 'Brexit' seriously, as they do not have a plan for the post 'Brexit' Scotch Region of Greater England.

The press releases from all the sub units of the Conslaberists seem to think that by pointing up the 'fact' the SNP's preferred option is for an independent Scotland within the EU rather than as a Scotch region of Greater England, outside the EU, is some sort of 'killer' revelation. The Great Shetland Liar, Carmichael, was full of Foulkesian indignation that this was the SNP's preferred position and they had made it clear this was their preferred option in, of all things, the SNP's 2016 manifesto. In the manifesto the issue of Scotland being forcibly removed from the EU against our considered will would be grounds for calling a second referendum on independence; Carmichael seemed to be saying, in his outburst, the SNP doing what they stated they were going to do in their 2016 manifesto, a manifesto which 47% of the active Scottish vote supported in May 2016, by voting SNP, is something deceitful and undemocratic and un-British.

As for Mumbling Murdo; was that a 'crie de couer', the moment where he realised just how devoid the Conslaberists were of any ideas of what to do now they had got the result, Brexit, they wanted? 

It surely can not have by-passed even his Union Flag blindfolded eyes the reality the SNP Government he accuses of doing nothing has actually been doing a lot both internationally to shore up Scotland's EU position and within Scotland to alleviate, where it can, the fiscal impact of England and Wale's desire to isolate themselves off from the largest local trading group we share a market with. 

Then there are the SNP Government's economic and social policies which are already being put in place to minimise the adverse impact on Scotland's economy with its growing EU and global economic links in the new tidal and wind farm technology, the infra-stracture development in support of the new technology, its deployment, design and implementation. A development which is already running worldwide in parallel with the highly regarded, oil and gas recovery engineering and development sector, headquartered in Aberdeen, supported and supplied by local SMEs, Scottish based companies and worth over £10 billion to the UK economy in 2014-15 according to the North Sea oil and gas industry's own figures. Stupid wee Scotland, home to yet another world leading industrial sector while also in the process of building a world class tidal and wind sector which will be even bigger than oil and gas recovery within the next decade. Just like Mumbling Murdo I can not understand just why Norway's Statoil is enlarging its Aberdeen HQ and investing heavily in cutting edge wind farm projects off the Scottish coast. I can actually; I was just attempting to show Mumbling Murdo some empathy but there are none so blind as those who do not want to see, deaf; as those who do not want to listen.

In the background the Libdems were on England's south coast holding their annual conference in an internet cafe in Brighton, unfortunately it appears they let slip to Willie Rennie where it was and he turned up. Apparently he has told the Libdems, their best option in Scotland is to try and retread the bald, through to the canvas, collapsed tyre of UK federalism and that he has or it might be had Labconservists Kezia Dugdale's agreement as it was her left hand he had been talking to, since her right hand was still in a huff with the left hand over what to do about her best pal or is it enemy, 'Ruth the Mooth', stealing her scone at the wee 'Parly' and was not speaking.

The real question for Murdo, Ruth, Willie and Kezia is;

Just what are you and your party branches in Scotland doing to alleviate Brexit's impact on Scotland caused by your UK Parties' infighting over who should be 'king'?

Surely Scotch Secretary Fundily Mundelly must have been given some sort of a guide by Thatcher's evil twin?


It is clear, just like Kezia, Mundell's left hand does not know what his right hand is doing. So is the Scotch Conslaberists position that Scotland needs the EU for its economic wealth and health (2012 -16 / pre 2016 EU referendum) or will be better off outside the EU (post referendum 2016)?

OK, so with all major economic, migration and fiscal powers reserved to UK Parliament at  Westminster, for the Brexit EU negotiations, how can you expect the SNP to save your parties from their self inflicted stupidity over the EU and the impending end of this perfidious and out dated UK Parliamentary Union. The SNP Government have enough to do, at present, saving Scotland from an outcome we do not want nor did we vote for and is currently seeking if there is any resolution, short of independence, which can be negotiated.

The clear answer from the EU to Scotland is this: you are welcome to stay, Scotland. We will fast track your membership, Scotland, maybe even make you the successor nation when the UK Brexits but only if you are already independent or on the verge of being so.

No matter how much anyone spins the EU position on Scotland's future membership, that is the bottom line and has been since 2012. Once Brexit begins the latest Independence Referendum two can be is mid 2018 as the UK  EU exit is clearly going to be in early 2019. With Whitehall  in increasing chaos as the reality of no future EU trade negotiations with the UK can occur until the UK has left the EU strikes home we need to ensure we have got all our ducks in a row. By 2018 the British Establishment will be trying to fight on three fronts at once, trying to keep an ever increasingly unstable England and Wales under its thumb, the EU over its clearly stated position that the UK will get only what it is going to be given them on a take it or leave it basis and Scotland exiting the UK Union. All this just as their financial world collapses as the City of London, the British Establishment so relies on, goes into meltdown as their fiscal trading passports with the EU come to an end.

Unlike Wings, I predict a British Establishment propaganda program of crocodile tears over the 'Union' and Scotland's vital part in it, to replace the current open media animosity towards Scotland, by the end of 2017, but like the attempt to change English views on the EU prior to 2016, it will be too little too late with the Mail, Express and Telegraph ensuring that is the case.

The UK Parliamentary Union has no legitimate, function or purpose either socially or economically for Scotland after its exit from the EU. In reality, to remain in the UK Parliamentary Union after Brexit in 2019 will be a major disadvantage for Scotland in the eyes of the world.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Brexit Hokey-cokey ..

"You put your right wing in,
You pull your right wing out,
You put your right wing in
and you rattle it about.

You tell Brussels to stuff it
and kick all the foreigners out.
That's what its all about ....

Oh Brexit hokey-cokey!
Oh Brexit hokey-cokey!
Oh Brexit hokey-cokey!
Bish, bang, wallop
All foreigners out."

I have waited a while longer to discover just what the Tory Party actually means by Brexit in some sort of statement from Ms May and her Brexit Tories. The reality is, for all the posturing, I am no further advanced in my knowledge of how long the Brexit string by which we are about to commit commercial, social and economic suicide actually is.

Is the situation one that while Ms May hold the two ends of the Brexit string in her hands none of her Brexit Tories, having seen the string exiting her left hand, have been able to discover how long the bit is which disappears into some other multi-dimension before arriving back at her right hand?

How much of a disaster for Ms May and her Tory Brexiteers will it be if a section of it has been cut out to keep some pan-dimensional being's trousers up, how will her advisers ever know? Just what has Ruth the Tank engine to say on this? Wait here is a press release and Shock! Horror! It is all the SNP's fault because they are already in negotiations with the pan-dimensional beings to see the bit of string in its entirety and negotiate whether the purpose would be better served with Scottish Jute Binder Twine rather than the fraying and tacky plastic string used by the Brexiteers. According to Ruth's Daily Mail spokesperson; this is the final straw and Ruth will be seeking an all party debate in Holyrood to close the Scottish Parliament down as it is not right wing enough and " ... is far too busy sookin up tae the EU to be taken seriously at Westminster. The Scotch deserve better and she will deliver the firm hand of government Scotland needs, by gosh, from her new, safe, Tory seat in Oxfordshire!".

Meanwhile, how are the Brexiteers attempts to persuade the EU to join in their version of the hokey-cokey?

The EU folk who are going to decide what the UK gets on Brexit have so far refused to roll up their trousers, put knotted handkerchiefs on their heads and join in the good old 'East End Knees Up' which is Brexit. The current head of the EU commission has been recorded as saying the Brexiteers will get what the EU gives them, on a take it or leave it basis. So has the putative EU head negotiator who the Brexiteers had so much joy belittling and humiliating for his support of Scottish Independence. In fact it has been hard, if not impossible, to find a single EU government who thinks the UK should get a 'special deal' and be allowed to cherry pick the bits it wants as a fait accompli for the UK's European values. The obverse appears to be true, the EU Governments are chomping at the bit to start the process of kicking the UK out of the EU as soon as possible.

Westminster's non Brexiteers are waving the tattered shroud which may or may not be the UK's unwritten constitution in the House of Lords and it goes something like this:
  • Because the UK Parliament is sovereign (we know it is not as its sovereignty is limited by the 1707 Treaty of Union, article 19) then only the MPs should have a say on whether the UK should exit the EU. For Ms May and her cabinet to unilaterally take the decision to initiate article 50 and EU exit is, wait for it folks, undemocratic. 
  • Further, as the UK Parliament is supposedly 'sovereign', any UK plebiscite (such as the EU referendum) is only advisory on the UK Parliament and not legally binding, as parliament and not the people are 'sovereign'. This apparently is not 'undemocratic' in the same MPs eyes.
  • Ms May is being undemocratic and in breach of the unwritten British Constitution by doing what every other UK Prime Minister has done for the last 300 years - what ever they wanted to, no matter what parliament actually decided because that is the norm in a constitution which has given the executive over weaning powers or as Enoch Powell described the UK's executive system of government, " elected dictatorship."
So MPs ignoring the wishes to leave the EU expressed by a sizable majority of UK voters in England and Wales is not 'undemocratic' nor will be ignoring the wishes of the majority of Scots and Northern Irish to stay in the EU if Brexit is activated.

I suggest the paragraph above explains exactly why the UK Parliamentary Union is now a busted flush and has reached its natural end as it is neither democratic, functional nor represents the wishes of the people.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Stunned Silence

It has been a month since my last post, not because I did not have anything to say but most was already being said much better by other Indy bloggers and commentators whether it was yet another 'SNP bad' tale of woe, the fiscal lunacy of believing anything in the politically concocted, contorted and largely meaningless GERS or the resurfacing of yet another 'How Now Brown Vow'.

What has stunned me into silence is the extraordinary ignorance and arrogance of the Westminster political fiefdom and its media puppets. There appears to be no cognisance of the degree to which they and their games have been exposed and seen for what they are by an ever increasing number of UK voters.

Take,for example, the current mantra of "Brexit means Brexit" Ms May comes out with when asked if she has a scooby-doo about the basic plan for leaving the EU. Even the most died in the wool Ukipper is struggling to understand what the hell she means and yet the media pronounce this as some amazingly clever bit bit of politics by her and her cabinet. Ms May may as well say "How long is a piece of string?" in answer to the increasing demands for at least an outline of a plan for the Tory Government's EU exit intentions. The strong suspicion must be the right wing (moderates, like Ms May) and the even more right wing (very slightly to the left of UKIP, like Duncan-Smith) of the Tory Party are still fighting like rats in a sack about how 'definitive' the split with Europe is going to be while hoping the EU will buy into their neoconservative cherry picked list of 'wants' or else the UK will have a hissy fit and storm off, "So there, nyah, nyah, ya, boo, sucks!".

The Red and Blue Tories and the right wing press miss the point that from an EU perspective the UK has had its hissy fit, has thrown its toys out of the pram and is now having a prolonged temper tantrum because it has been told by the EU it will get what it is given, no more; no less but does not wish to believe it. EFTA has taken one look at this unpleasant UK problem child and told it to find a different play pen because it has no intention of sharing its own one with the UK.

Meanwhile the usual suspects at the BBC interview Boris the Buffoon as he blusters that actually it is the EU which will just have to jolly well go along with the Tory view of what's what and do what we Tories tell them on Brexit otherwise, otherwise, otherwise, well the EU is just going to have to because we are the UK and we are still very important - see!

Given, since the 23rd of June, this has been the UK Government's only line, is it any wonder any person with a couple of neurons to rub together has ended up sitting stunned, silent and dribbling into their cup of tea listening to the ignorance, arrogance and absolutely vacuous response to this major political and economic disaster which passes for UK policy and UK media comment on this whole EU farago (or should that be farrage-o?)

There is a massive black hole in the fabric of the UK as a result of the Brexit vote into which all our lives, hopes and futures are being sucked ever faster. The question becomes, as the SNP conference looms large, can we actually escape the event horizon of Ms May signing the EU Article 50 activation or will it be too late and we will be sucked screaming into the void along with the xenophobes in England and Wales which have brought this disaster to bear?

My bet is the drowning Westminster UK Parliament and their flailing red and blue, right wing, English politicians will do all it can to ensure Scotland goes down with the British Establishment ship of state, even if it means chaining us to the railings ...... children and Scotland first .... anyone?