Friday, 25 September 2015

Confused of Galloway

Dear Lord President of the UK Supreme Court,

I have a small query to do with the legitimacy of members of the Palace of Westminster ability to avoid prosecution for criminal acts that would have your average punter banged up for five years before you could say, "Elizabeth the Second's pleasure!"

I could use the fraudulent claims on the taxpayer made by a sizable number of members for services which they claimed to have used or items they have never purchased. Maybe we could consider the fraudulent action of  leading members 'flipping properties' to rook money out of the UK taxpayer, the double dipping into the taxpayers pocket involved in employing wives in secretarial work which never crosses their poor dear's desks. Then there is the interesting idea if you pay over £8 million into an establishment party's bank account you get a lordship and the right to decide UK Government policy. We can, for now set aside the retirement home for failed politicians that is the House of Lords or the current Government's illegal assassination of its own subjects in Syria using a weapon system contrary to the will of the UK Parliament. We will remain silent over the Palace of Westminster's peadophilia cover up that has been in operation since Leon Brittain's days as Thatcher's Home Secretary.

I will keep this simple for I know your Lordship must be very busy 'Supreme Courting' on more serious matters than the corruption, sexual perversity and venality of the the members of the Palace of Westminster, so my submission is this:

It appears, if you are a member of either of the Palace of Westminster's houses, that it is not a criminal offence to illegally obtain and use a Class A drug, say cocaine, off a suitable surface within or outside of the Palace of Westminster; in the particular case I am thinking about the suitable surface was the abdomen of a lady of negotiable virtue. According to the Crown Prosecution Service a photograph of a member of said Palace inhaling a class A substance off this particular surface by use of a high denomination Sterling note and the abdomen of a lady of negotiable virtue, is not sufficient evidence to enable the police and the courts to proceed to a criminal trial.

My knowledge of the law maybe a bit flaky but I thought possession and procurement of an illegal Class A drug is an offence in itself liable to a fine or imprisonment, as is the soliciting of a lady of negotiable virtue, let alone the illegal act of sale and procurement that proceeded the actual act of inhalation allegedly seen in the photograph. I am equally certain if it was ''Wee Shuggie frae Shawheid' in the photograph his arse would not have touched the ground between the Glasgow Sheriff Court and Saughton Gaol but that might just be a bit of bias on my part.

It also appears that it is perfectly permissible for members of the Palace of Westminster to seek to persecute and criminalise UK citizens who have to use the same Class A drug, as prescribed by their doctor, on a daily basis to control acute or chronic pain in the form of say codeine phosphate. It appears a legitimate user of the Class A drug in this manner can be actively persecuted by the Department of Work and Pensions as they are clearly a bludger on society, abusing UK taxpayers generosity and need to be set to work on the nearest treadmill whether they have missing limbs or even if they are no longer breathing.

In summary: it appears, as the law is currently applied, if I used my Class A drug in an illegal powdered form via a rolled up £50 note at a party with any member of the Palace of Westminster present, off an officially defined suitable surface, such as the abdomen of a lady of negotiable virtue, it is 'just fine', not illegal, I am just one of the lads winding down and a bit of a player whereas taking the drug as prescribed I am a drain on society who can openly be persecuted and have my human and financial rights abused by private companies on the UK Government's behest.

Your Lordship, may I say it is not just Mr Bumble who thinks the law is an ass, I and many others are in total agreement. Could I suggest maybe the UK Supreme Court should look again at the precept of equality before law and consider Enoch Powell's contention that the UK is not a democracy but an elected dictatorship and that this elected dictatorship now considers itself above the Laws in blatant disregard of the Human Rights Acts and the attendant legislation in both English and Scots Law.

Yours, more in hope than expectation,

Confused of Galloway

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Tory - do nothings

Since the time of the 18th century enlightenment every decade has seen some form of social revolution in the UK be it the ending of slavery, stopping children working in mines and mills, safe water and sanitation, public education, the security of an old age pension, trade union rights, universal suffrage, health care and universal welfare until we come to the late 20th Century when Tory government after Tory Government (including Blair's New Labour) commenced dismantling the social reforms and protections introduced over the previous two centuries.

Some of it has been quite insidious such as trade union laws while the attacks on health and welfare have been excessive and destructive to whole nature of the 1944 White Paper on which the post war UK was going to be based. 

In 1948 we saw access to universal health care at the point of delivery for the first time in the UK's history. The impact of the NHS and the treatment it made available saw the rapid drop off in many diseases which had been common killers of children and adults such as TB, diphtheria, whooping cough, polio, measles, septic blood poisoning and lock jaw. By 1960 the idea that any child in the UK would die from any of these previously common causes of death had become intolerable. In just the first ten years of the NHS the impact on the general UK population was to improve general health, reduce post partum deaths of mothers and babies and post operative deaths in general to levels that astounded the world and saw the rest of the so called developed world introduce general population inoculation programmes which mirrored those first begun in the NHS. The recent occasional scare about the dangers of inoculations is routinely accompanied by a rise in the levels of deaths and severe disabilities amongst children, as seen in the tide of under 5 year old deaths during the 1980's UK whooping cough outbreak and more recently with a measles epidemic (leaving a large cohort of UK children unnecessarily deaf, blind, sterile, with mangled adult dentition's ) all within a year of the drop off in uptake of the particular vaccination.

It seems to me that many politicians who play the 'we can not afford the NHS' card are completely unaware of the massive and positive impact the NHS has and continues to have on the lives or their constituents nor the costs to their beloved capitalists the NHS saves in lost days, training replacements and reduced effectiveness. It seems the capitalists have also forgotten the reason why most large businesses had some form of community health and sickness fund, prior to 1948, available to their work forces and their families. The GPO's health fund, alone, was worth some £5 million in 1947 and not only paid for treatment but also convalescence, rehabilitation and care homes for GPO employees.

Capitalists have forgotten how much providing health care actually cost them as part of their employment packages. In 1948 many capitalists understood the new NI component saved them money.  The evidence from NHS England's increasing reliance on private companies providing NHS dental care is none too smart. The impact of the poor standards of care being provided is seen in the numbers of dentists employed by these companies being hauled before the General Dental Council to account for their actions. The companies themselves fail to attract UK graduates in any number so are reliant on recruiting from Eastern Europe where some of the countries training standards would embarrass a third UK dental student, in terms of the science, materials and technique, in their ineptitude. Yet this is the Tory vision for all of NHS England's service provision, public money delivering capitalist profit at an ever lower standard of care.

The worry remains just how long can the SNP continue to rob a number of Scottish funded Peters to fund the NHS Scotland Paul in the face of the defacto sell off of NHS England and the resulting impact on Barnet consequentials?

Just how will Corbyn make a real difference with the New Labour MP albatross hanging heavily around his neck, constantly screaming its going to peck his eyes out, just see if it doesn't?

Cameron and his cohorts have little understanding of why social change happened in the UK. Welfare had little to do with improving the quality of life for the 'oiks' but preventing revolution against the British Establishment by its own people. The British Establishment's greatest fear is the people of the UK waking up to the ride they are being taken for and this ploy of heading off revolt with mild reforms worked well until Mrs Thatcher lost the plot in the mid 1980's and every government since has carried on creating an ever increasing divide between the people of the UK and the British Establishment, the biggest since the late 18th Century.

The Scots, in effect, stated in May 2015 that enough was enough as they near wiped out the British Establishment parties in Scotland. On current voting intentions for Holyrood the same establishment parties are about to get another kicking from the Scottish people in May 2016. I have the ex Sun editor's Kelvin MacKenzie's next Scotophobic headline for May 2016,  "The Scots Are Truly Revolting". He and the rest of the British Establishment, his views represent, are just going to have to suck it up as long as they continue to pretend it does not matter, it will just blow over, stupid wee Scotland - we know better and the rest of their ignorant views.

There are stirrings within the outer edges of the British Establishment who are warning the status quo is already collapsing and the British Establishment and its tame political parties are playing a dangerous game turning a deaf ear to Scotland's requests for home rule as Scotland is now at a tipping point which increasingly makes the end of the UK political union ever more certain. The list of British Establishment shibboleths which will tip Scotland over to independence include Trident, an out EU vote, failure to meet Smith Commission commitments in full especially on health and welfare or simply yet another Tory Government in 2020.

Cameron is a 'do nothing' Prime Minister who hopes 'doing nothing' will cause his problems to go away, forget #piggate - the man is just an ignorant swine.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Corbyn, "He's just this guy; you know ..."

Today in Labour Towers the person who thought it would be a "good laugh" to let Corbyn run is now bent over a desk and target of a Blairite and Brownite one legged man, arse kicking contest. The prats will be falling, the triangularists wondering why they have ended up with a dodecahedron and not a triangle and a whole load of snouts will now be looking around for a new trough to stuff their faces in.

The good old British Establishment's media are already pumping out, "The greatest Labour bampot since Micheal Foote!" stories about how Corbyn is going to bring all the nation's cats into public ownership and impoverish the Queen. The disparaging tales of just how loony left the man is run alongside interviews with a discarded pair of Corbyn's sandals (now working for a tramp in Hackney) ... "He's just this guy: you know....", the fact he is already selling all the UK's secrets to the Russians and is secretly anti-Semitic is a given.

This claim of 'antisemitism' against Corbyn is
apparently because Corbyn thinks Netanyahu is a neo-fascist, Zionist bampot who is in the process of ethnically cleansing all traces of the original Palestinian people from the State of Israel with the aid of an annual $3 billion worth of US Federal Government dollars to do so. All this dosh before you add in millions of dollars of 'donations' to the Likud Party and other Zionist Groups in the West Bank from right wing Zionist Groups in the USA to help promote Jewish 'ethnic purity' in Israel. In reality this means if you are not a right wing, Orthodox, Zionist you are not a real Jew and deserve to go the way of the Palestinians, as for followers of the Reformed faith or secular Jews in Israel, they are beyond redemption according to these nutters.

So the Corbyn as a 'Citizen Smith', red flag waving, proto-revolutionary threat to the British Establishment (and therefore the whole population of the UK)  is now in full hue and cry. Yet the propaganda is falling on jaded ears outside of the immediate London bubble of media lovies, simply because the propaganda being generated by the London bubble is neither coherent nor accurate, worse it does not fit what people think they know about Mr Corbyn, whose politics appear to have more in common with the great social reforming Liberal, William Beveridge, and his contemporaries of the first part of the 20th Century than a Hardie, Maxton, McLean or Karl Marx. Corbyn will not be seeking the ownership of all capital on behalf of the under nourished and suppressed masses of the UK  but it is hoped he will do something about preventing the destruction of the NHS in England and the UK Welfare State along with a side dish of re-nationalising key public services such as energy and transport, then ending the farce which is Trident.

There is much for the left of centre SNP membership to applaud in Corbyn's stated political position save one, he is an un-restructured Unionist who wishes to keep all political power in the UK, at Westminster. Labour is by inclination and history a centralising party. Just look at the continuing mess they are making with their 'Scotch Branch' for an example of the pretendy powers Labour thinks are more than adequate for Scotland. Kevin McKenna writing in the National hopes Corbyn will see sense and give the 'Scotch Branch' proper autonomy to do what is best in Scotland, even if it may not be the UK Party line. McKenna is clearly mixing Labour up with a party that gives a shit about Scotland and what Scots think. So 'Scotch Labour' will continue to be micro-managed by the party HQ team, told what to say and what to leak to the Daily Record, all in the pretence the Trinity Mirror group have not already been given the story by Labour Party HQ to print in that day's Record, "Plus sa change, plus sa meme chose."

Can Corbyn's Labour and the SNP work together for the greater good of the most vulnerable in the UK?

Most certainly.

Will Corbyn's Labour work with the SNP?

Not with out a lot of attitudinal changes amongst a large cadre of Labour MPs who follow the Bain Principle of 'SNP baaad'. I foresee combined Labour and SNP whipped votes on Welfare being scuppered by Blairites and Brownites abstaining or being somewhere else, as much to get at Corbyn as the SNP. Let us be clear the people who thought they would win, have not. The Blairite and Brownites lost in Scotland, are now losing their hold in England and Wales and will do what ever it takes to cling onto their self assumed privileges, even if it means destroying the Labour Party while blaming the event on anyone but themselves.

In summary, Corbyn's election is like the proverbial curate's egg - good in parts - whether Labour survives his election, time will only tell, but the knives are already out amongst the British Establishment and the protectors of New Labour's legacy.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Osbourne's 'Nuke in a Poke'?

The Pentagon is discussing not running the Trident Weapon development program past 2030 and opting for a joint USN/ USAF nuclear weapon project instead. This means if Osbourne goes ahead with the purchase of Trident 3 he could well be buying a pig in a poke.

Further problems occur if the Pentagon joint strategy goes ahead because all development on Trident 3 will stop immediately as there will be no need of it and the USN will just operate a modified Trident 2 up to 2030.

We currently just rent the Trident 2 missiles and the support teams (fueling and maintenance) from Lockheed-Martin (aka USN) they not only own the missiles but all the launch tube equipment in the UK subs.

This used to be a neat way around START and other nuclear weapon reduction treaties but now the Pentagon is not that interested in UK having 'nukes' and would rather the UK Government spent the money on UK conventional forces. The Pentagon is lobbying the US President hard to prevent the UK from getting the next generation of Trident, even if it goes ahead.

Of course unless you follow international defence issues you would never know this because the UK media are not going to cover this nor is Osbourne going to let on there may well be no Trident 3 system to purchase. Osbourne's announcement on the £500 million to be spent on nukes at Faslane is as full of holes as any other of his 'announcements' as there may well be no 'new' system to purchase.