Now here’s a thing......

I have long been concerned that in a Kafkaesque style Labour have been stealing election in Scotland for many a year. May 2003 and the SNP minority Holyrood Government apart you have to wonder just what needs to happen to wake up the average Glaswegian to the Tammany Hall Practices of the Labour Party (North Brritish Division)  and the lack of any transparency in reporting its rather dubious activities.

Just what part of ‘there’s something fishy going on’ do these red rosette or die voters not get?
Surely even the most died in the wool ‘labour voter’ must wonder why a Glasgow MP who was caught by the Sunday Times with his hand in the till in excess of £500,000 is allowed ‘ill health retirement’ while a Fife Labour MP with terminal cancer (from asbestosis) was told he could not have it in punishment, I propose, for the self same MP’s fight for proper compensation for dockyard workers blighted by this disease.
Then there was the sudden rise in postal votes during the Glenrothes bye-election and when questions were asked – Oops the Returning Officer/ Fife Council had misplaced the electoral roll.

Then there is the question as to why Anwar did not get his ermine jacket that Jonah Brown put him up for. Just how dubious do your activities have to be to get that turned down when the likes of Lord Foulkes can get as drunk as himself, assault public and police, be convicted yet still creams off expenses from the self same ‘Upper House’ while belittling Holyrood, as a list MSP, on every chance he can get and wasting over £500,000 of civil service time on vexatious questions so far in this term.

The press suddenly went very quiet when a senior Glasgow Gangland figure turned up at a fund raiser for Jim Murphy - having been personally invited by one of Murphy’s campaign team.
The most telling silence is around Purcell’s dodgy dealings (Paddy’s Market comes to mind or the Taxi scam – I meant iffy contract – to the son in law of Murphy’s unknown gangster), Murphy’s roll in getting Purcell the ‘chop’ and Anne Moffat the chop (not that either did not deserve it), the SPT executive kicked out of his job for an expenses scam then immediately re-employed by Glasgow Council at a higher level of pay ... just where was the furore in the Record when that happened and where are the skeletons in Labour’s closet he must have keen knowledge of? If the Scottish media can not chase down these clear indications of deviant behaviour by Labour in Scotland then the truth will remain buried behind the Labour diatribe of too wee, too poor, too stupid.

There is no chance the EBC will run pieces on why Scotland’s economy has always been worse off in the Union or give a historian a documentary to prove the case that Scotland was not bankrupt in 1707(1706 Custom and Excise receipts indicate a Scottish economy growing at around 2.5% p.a.) but it’s mortgaged to the hilt land owners were.

There in lies the problem – the lies and spin of three centuries, fostered by history taught from a ‘British Empire’ perspective and the Westminster based ‘colonial style policies’ towards Scotland – as highlighted in Carol Craig’s academic study about Scotland’s ‘crisis of confidence’ and the ‘dependency culture’ it has created published in 2003.

The lies and dissemblance from 1707 to this day is why I am Mad Jock McMad.